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NetBSD 7.0 Released ( 58

An anonymous reader writes: After three years of development and over a year in release engineering, NetBSD 7.0 has been released. Its improvements include added support for many new ARM boards including the Raspberry Pi 2, major improvements to its multiprocessor-compatible firewall NPF, kernel scripting in Lua, kernel mode-setting for Intel and Radeon graphics chips, and a daemon called blacklistd(8) which integrates with numerous network daemons and shields them from flood attempts.
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NetBSD 7.0 Released

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  • Choosing NetBSD over FreeBSD or OpenBSD is like being offered a free soda and asking for Shasta Cola over Coke or Pepsi.

    • Nice analogy. Thanks for equating FreeBSD with Coke!

    • by MacTO ( 1161105 )

      I haven't used NetBSD in years, but one of its selling points was portability. Perhaps portability is less relevant in our more homogenous world, but it still has a place.

  • by BaronM ( 122102 ) on Friday October 09, 2015 @05:01PM (#50695823)

    When I have a headless server/networking task to do, and don't want a side order of drama with my OS, NetBSD is my favorite way to just get it done.

    • Yep, ran NetBSD for about a *decade* on an Alpha 21164 acting as my personal server and firewall. Totally solid.

  • by Billly Gates ( 198444 ) on Friday October 09, 2015 @05:49PM (#50696081) Journal

    Just kidding

  • Blacklistd looks like a great idea but I checked out the syntax in blacklistd.conf and I think it could use some work.

    I could see lots of admins getting bitten by "nfail=*" meaning never. To me, that name or a '*' isn't the right choice. Security config files absolutely must be unambiguous to people aren't going to read the manual. Cron has a similar syntax and I've seen several cases were a simple change to a crontab resulted in a 5 star screwup that ran something 1440 times a day.

    • by fisted ( 2295862 )

      Security config files absolutely must be unambiguous to people aren't going to read the manual.

      People who aren't going to read the manual are unlikely to get their security right, blacklistd or not.
      Security-aware admins do read the manual.

      Cron [...] 5 star screwup

      Well put

  • ...that NetBSD offers? Not trying to troll here or start a war, but was genuinely interested. If I wanted a bullet proof firewall, I'd pick b/w OpenBSD and pFsense, and for a more generic OS, I'd go w/ FreeBSD, since I already run PC-BSD. Does NetBSD bring anything to the party? Particularly since both FreeBSD and OpenBSD support most of the CPUs that NetBSD supports (although FreeBSD has dropped Alpha & PA-RISC, while neither NetBSD nor OpenBSD support Itanic)
    • by Noryungi ( 70322 )

      Let's see... NetBSD offers much better performances than OpenBSD, and performances that are sometimes even better than FreeBSD. It's also a smaller installation than either FreeBSD or OpenBSD: the base installation of NetBSD is simply ridiculously small.

      It offers npf (the NetBSD packet filter), which is a fully-SMP capable version of pf, with a much more modern syntax than pfSense (which runs an oooooold version of OpenBSD pf). And, in general, its SMP support seems to be much better than OpenBSD and on a p

  • Congratulations to the NetBSD team, I installed 7.0 replacing 6.1 on my my B/U system without a hitch. So far all working very well.

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