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welloy writes "In a mail to freebsd-announce Robert Bruce writes that "during the week of September 7th to September 13th, all revenue from purchases at the FreeBSD Mall will be donated to the FreeBSD Foundation to support work being done to improve the fine grained threading in the FreeBSD Kernel, and other improvements needed to make the upcoming 5.2 release a success." The offer also applies to their table at BSDCon. This is a great way to support the FreeBSD project and ensure they have funding to keep up their great work."
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Support FreeBSD

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  • by mcgroarty ( 633843 ) <brian.mcgroarty@gmail . c om> on Wednesday September 03, 2003 @02:18PM (#6861057) Homepage
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    Darl McBride glowers at you.
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  • donate (Score:5, Interesting)

    by Anonymous Coward on Wednesday September 03, 2003 @02:19PM (#6861065)
    I donate regularly to the FreeBSD foundation (not much, $100/yr, I also give the same to EFF and the FSF).

    If your business relies on FreeBSD as ours does, I suggest you do the same.. it's not really a donation, it's an investment in your business' future technology needs!!

    Go ahead, take a look at that rack/shelf/desk filled with FreeBSD machines. Think about how great it is that you've got a simple, secure, stable platform and you didn't pay anything but a few hours of your time.

    Now head over to the page [] and give 'em a few bucks.
  • Follow the money (Score:3, Interesting)

    by zangdesign ( 462534 ) on Wednesday September 03, 2003 @02:29PM (#6861175) Journal
    I was under the impression that all or most of the money already went to the FreeBSD project.
  • Pimping (Score:3, Interesting)

    by rf0 ( 159958 ) <> on Wednesday September 03, 2003 @05:38PM (#6863230) Homepage
    I would also like to point out our companies donation scheme at []


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