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At my current place of employ, snacks are ...

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Generally on the house
  2687 votes / 15%
Generally on the employees (who pool resources)
  1136 votes / 6%
Generally on the employees (who are all on their own)
  10147 votes / 60%
No snacks allowed
  359 votes / 2%
Why do you assume I'm employed?
  2580 votes / 15%
16909 total votes.
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At my current place of employ, snacks are ...

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  • by Applekid (993327) on Thursday February 07, 2013 @03:45PM (#42823391)

    Where I work, sugar laden and fattening snacks are on the house, if not very regularly. Anything that might have glanced at a vitamin is on the employees.

  • by alta (1263) on Thursday February 07, 2013 @04:45PM (#42824155) Homepage Journal

    I'm sitting here looking at unlimited mini-chocolates, dunkin' sticks, trailmix, beef sticks, bags of chips, coffee cakes, etc. Three feet beyond that location I know that in the fridge we have hummus, carrots, Bell Peppers and other generally good stuff I like.

    Do you think I ever make it to the fridge? Not really. Well, except to get to the icecream in the freezer.

  • by Kjella (173770) on Thursday February 07, 2013 @05:22PM (#42824701) Homepage

    I always say that the coffee machine is the most important machine in the building.

    Yes it is. Some years back I was working at a fairly big company, they had these huge vending machines per floor which apparently made very good coffee so most people would have their first cup at work. But for a few days there was an issue with the water supply, people were recommended to boil the water and the coffee machines couldn't do that so they were all switched off one morning with no warning and nobody in the direct vicinity sold coffee either. That first day, I could swear there was a zombie invasion going on. Some of them probably went into negative productivity by making bad work and decisions. The second day there were thermoses everywhere.

  • by Applekid (993327) on Thursday February 07, 2013 @06:10PM (#42825495)

    There is no food that has negative calories. You can get fat from everything if you eat it in excess. Thus substituting food where the amount needed to cause someone to be obese is higher is just raising the bar, but not solving the problem.

    The problem is moderation and getting people to realize overweight is wholly caused by a lack of it, even in those who may have a disease that presupposes them to it (in that case, of course, the amount of moderation required may simply be out of reach). The continued perverse idea that moderation isn't important as long as you eat "healthy" drives those who don't practice good moderation to eat dozens of broccoli crowns drizzled in melted cheese.

    The fact is that, gram for gram, junk food is higher in calories and lower in nutrition than healthy food. Hence the term "junk" food.

    One 180g apple is about 100 kcal, while 180g of donuts (3.5 Krispy Kremes) is seven times as much at about 700 kcal. One has fiber to moderate its gylcemic index, the other represents a sugar spike + crash and burn. Both can taste pretty good, but physiologically one will keep you satisfied for a big while the other one will have you reaching for more food in no time. Our natural food response cycle, the one that's so it's hard to fight against, wants to eat until we're full. If you chose to eat your fill of apples you'll be doing much better than your fill of donuts.

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