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At my current place of employ, snacks are ...

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Generally on the house
  2687 votes / 15%
Generally on the employees (who pool resources)
  1136 votes / 6%
Generally on the employees (who are all on their own)
  10147 votes / 60%
No snacks allowed
  359 votes / 2%
Why do you assume I'm employed?
  2580 votes / 15%
16909 total votes.
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At my current place of employ, snacks are ...

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  • by r33per (585447) on Thursday February 07, 2013 @10:26AM (#42819773) Homepage
    Why do you assume that I snack?
  • So - Snacks (and meals and rent and electricity and DSL and .... ) are provided by My Employer, who is me.
    • My wife and I both work at home, so we pool our snack-buying resources. Our employers (us) are tightwads.
    • by cayenne8 (626475)

      So - Snacks (and meals and rent and electricity and DSL and .... ) are provided by My Employer, who is me. then you can write them off!!

      (Assuming you've done the smart thing and are incorporated).

      • You don't need to be incorporated to claim deductions as business expenses, you just need to file a Schedule C as a sole proprietor. Incorporation generally gives you protection from liability, and other ways to move money around (your revenue is not yours until the corporation pays you, for instance).
        • by j-beda (85386)

          Generally food and shelter if provided to the employee would be considered as taxable income on the part of the employee, and there are a number of IRS rules that limit the "extensibility" of thinks like meals and entertainment, even if provided as part of a sales meeting or conference. I am pretty sure that the same rules apply even when the employer is the same person as the employee.

          • You are correct, just because you file a Schedule C doesn't mean you can start claiming all of your personal expenses as business expenses. I hire an accountant to do my taxes each year so I don't have to worry about inadvertently cheating anyone (either myself or the IRS).
          • by j-beda (85386)

            "expensibility" rather than "extensibility"

  • by Anonymous Coward

    ... to paraphrase a "Pluggers" cartoon from a few years ago: I'm retired.

    That is, when I finish mowing the lawn, I need to clean out the garage, fix the side fence,
    and wash off the outdoor furniture. Then, after lunch, I'm sure she'll come up with more
    chores for me to do...

    So, yeah, I provide my own snacks!

    (And, yes, I'm posting as an AC for a good reason !!)

  • Keep it classy Dice.

    • by pla (258480)
      Keep it classy Dice.

      No kidding... Could they make it a bit more blunt?

      So far this year, we have:
      At my current place of employ, snacks are ... on February 7th, 2013
      For personal printing, not work, I usually use ... on February 4th, 2013
      How Many Text Messages Do You Send a Day? on January 29th, 2013
      How Do You Backup Your Data? on January 28th, 2013
      My cumulative GPA, thus far: on January 24th, 2013
      When Was the Last Time You Used a Landline Phone? on January 21st, 2013
      I sit in front of a screen for
      • That'll teach me for reading these polls in the morning before I'm awake. I wonder when (if they haven't already) they'll bring in the data miners, remove the "disable ads" feature, and start pushing B.S. in my face.

        BTW: any happen to know why I supposedly need a portable oxygen concentrator? It's been chasing me all over the web lately.

      • In order to keep doing this shitty job in this shitty economy, I...

        - Demand an immediate pay rise!
        - Think I'm worth what I currently get.
        - Would accept a pay cut to keep my job.
        - Would accept anything, just please don't fire me I have kids oh god why am I reading this and not working...
        - Already work for Dice Holdings you insensitive clod.
        - Hey, I would suck your hairy balls if it would get me my job back.

        [Hey, a CowboyNeal option.]

  • by Cloud K (125581) on Thursday February 07, 2013 @11:07AM (#42820137)

    We do snack on the employees. Mwahahaha

  • by TWX (665546) on Thursday February 07, 2013 @11:10AM (#42820161)
    First real place I worked had free snacks. As a 20 year old I had no self control. I don't resemble, "The Comic Book Collector," from the Simpsons, but if that place hadn't gone out of business I probably would by now.

    Bad snacks. Bad, bad snacks.
    • by Anonymous Coward

      You ate us right out of business and I lost my job. Good job, fatty.

    • Why do they have to be unhealthy snacks as you imply? An employer need not simply provide cookies and other junk food. There are plenty of healthy options available. Our workplace has a complete fitness room downstairs, as well.
      • by Applekid (993327)

        Why do they have to be unhealthy snacks as you imply? An employer need not simply provide cookies and other junk food. There are plenty of healthy options available. Our workplace has a complete fitness room downstairs, as well.

        Cookies and junk food is nearly an order of magnitude cheaper than real food, plus have quite an impressive shelf life. I don't work for a grocer so I wouldn't expect them to carry the expense of maintaining a harvest cornucopia, but it's kind of annoying when sticky buns, donuts, cookies pop up.

        I guess if they have the body type and spare time to spend the energy to enjoy them, cheers.

      • by alta (1263) on Thursday February 07, 2013 @04:45PM (#42824155) Homepage Journal

        I'm sitting here looking at unlimited mini-chocolates, dunkin' sticks, trailmix, beef sticks, bags of chips, coffee cakes, etc. Three feet beyond that location I know that in the fridge we have hummus, carrots, Bell Peppers and other generally good stuff I like.

        Do you think I ever make it to the fridge? Not really. Well, except to get to the icecream in the freezer.

      • by cayenne8 (626475)

        Our workplace has a complete fitness room downstairs, as well. actually hang around work outside the normal 8 hours spent work out there?

        I know it is nice to work out and the 'free' part helps, but man...once my days hours are up, that door is hitting me on the ass as I bee line my way outta there, to freedom.

        I prefer my gym to be off site....any time they're not paying me, my ass is NOT on the work site.

        • by Golddess (1361003)

          once my days hours are up, that door is hitting me on the ass as I bee line my way outta there, to freedom.

          Is the company you work for really that bad? I don't mean your job, what the company pays you for. But like... once I've worked my hours for the day, I can pull out my 3DS and play some Mario if I want before stepping out that door, and no one bats an eye. Does your employer frown on such non-work related activities done on non-work time, but on work property?

        • by scubamage (727538)
          Given the amount that I am paid, and the fact that I am salaried, I don't really stick to a 40 hour work week. I did use the company gym, but I realized that I was just using it for treadmills, and running outside is free. Plus I can oogle women and not get a sexual harassment lawsuit against me.
      • No, you have to eat all those unhealthy snacks and the go downstairs and force all those fats out of your system, rinse and repeat. Sin, repent, you know how it goes.

    • by green1 (322787)

      I've never worked anywhere with free snacks, but I did have a previous employer with free pop. I abused it for the first couple weeks, as did everybody else. But very quickly I was back down to the same amount I drank when I had to provide it myself, only without having to buy it.
      And this was when I was a 20 year old with no self control (ok, 22). I'm not sure that on average it's a huge problem.

    • by scubamage (727538)
      I like the nice compromise where I work. They give us unlimited free coffee, hot cocoa, and tea. And spring water. Anything beyond that is on us. Usually I can knock back a few cups of joe and 2-3 24 oz cups of water and I am barely hungry through the day.
  • Including that new chick from Logistics?
  • I supply them (Score:5, Insightful)

    by dmatos (232892) on Thursday February 07, 2013 @11:38AM (#42820397)

    For years, there has been someone in our building who just leaves tubs of candy at the entrance to his cubicle, and invites all to partake. Recently, I found the broken cookie store. They get all of the factory seconds from the local Dare (cookie) factory, and put them into 13lb boxes, which they sell for $15.

    I buy the boxes two at a time, and leave them open and inviting on the desk next to mine, which is currently unoccupied. Two boxes tends to last about three weeks. So, for ten bucks a week, I have made myself indispensible in this office. I even have the executive vice president stopping in every now and again for a free cookie.

    • by Anonymous Coward

      Ghirardelli upgraded their equipment sometime in the past 2 years. Suddenly the supply of factory seconds (and this was good chocolate, merely broken squares) is a much more limited resource.

  • Coffee is certainly on the department, as is fruit, and the weekly department "fika" (coffee with some type of cookie, bread, etc) is on an employee on a rotating basis. But snacks as in cookies, candy? I eat enough of that crap when I get home, I certainly don't need it on a daily basis at work as well.

  • Why do you assume I'm employed?

    Should be:

    I'm unemployed, you insensitive clod!

    • Re:Poll titles do not conform to slashdot standards
      And Cowboy Neil is still missing! What's a poll without the Cowboy Neil option?
      Cowboy Neil ate my snacks, you insensitive clod!
  • In one drawer we have cans of beans, romulan noodles, micro popcorn, ketchup, wasabi amonds, sesame sticks, apricots, two baking potatoes, tea and bubble gum.

    In another drawer we have pistachio nuts, two flavors (plain and chili lemon), spicy seaweed, lifesavers, candied ginger, vegie chips and lifesavers candys.

    I don't snack often, but am well prepared for the repocalypse.

  • In our old building we use to have a quite robust snack locker system with some of the bigger ones probably doing 100 dollars of business a day and well stocked with every imaginable sugary treat.
    But when we moved to our new site the bosses signed a ‘non-compete clause’ with the cafeteria in the building.. I’ve seen less complaining about people being forced to do yearlong deployments to Afghanistan then I did the day our snacks died.

  • by LoRdTAW (99712) on Thursday February 07, 2013 @12:56PM (#42821241)

    At my work there are no snacks unless someone brings something or a customer sends a thank you package and leaves it in the break room. Every day a 10am we get a 10 minute break and a roach coach stops by so there are snacks. But Fridays are called "bagel day" as we get free bagels along with butter, plain and vegetable cream cheese. Recently they started "doughnut day". Every first Friday of the month we get doughnuts instead of bagels. I hear that the owners father who started the company used to treat all the workers to the roach coach on Fridays. Anything you wanted off the truck was on the house.

    We have a coffee machine so there is plenty of regular and decaf along with french vanilla or hazelnut creamer, non dairy creamer, milk, half and half, sugar and artificial sweetener. We also have tea. So at least there is a generous selection for coffee. We also tell customers and even delivery men to help themselves to the coffee, bagels and doughnuts.

    I always say that the coffee machine is the most important machine in the building.

    • by Kjella (173770) on Thursday February 07, 2013 @05:22PM (#42824701) Homepage

      I always say that the coffee machine is the most important machine in the building.

      Yes it is. Some years back I was working at a fairly big company, they had these huge vending machines per floor which apparently made very good coffee so most people would have their first cup at work. But for a few days there was an issue with the water supply, people were recommended to boil the water and the coffee machines couldn't do that so they were all switched off one morning with no warning and nobody in the direct vicinity sold coffee either. That first day, I could swear there was a zombie invasion going on. Some of them probably went into negative productivity by making bad work and decisions. The second day there were thermoses everywhere.

      • We had something like this happen were I worked. In our case we have a devices which dispenses boiling or chilled water and people make their own coffee. When it broke down and didn't get fixed immediately I went out & bought a cheap plug in kettle and left it in the kitchen. Made me very popular. Not that the situation is otherwise very close - our building is in the CBD and surrounded by good coffee shops.
    • I can't tell if you're being serious or if you're engaging in some "Office Space" speak for satirical effect...

    • by siwelwerd (869956)
      The university where I work does not allow the departments to supply coffee. However, they have a program where you buy a reusable cup, and any dining location (even Starbucks) on campus fills it for $0.55 . By my nearest calculation, that's about how much it's costing me to buy decent coffee beans and brew at home. So while I still bring a cup from home in the morning, the cheap coffee has me heading out for another cup in the afternoon, thus doubling my daily coffee consumption. If the department inst
  • by Anonymous Coward

    "Generally the other employees." The Soylent Corporation is our town's biggest employer.

  • you are polling employees of capitalism ya know :)
  • What is it with work snacks that make slashdotters want to post AC?
  • We have 'em, and liquids are free. Solid snacks are sold for way cheaper than the stores charge, even during sales. (i.e. BOGOF)
  • Polls not working on this fancy new mobile site. Back to desktop view it is. Oh and on topic the 3 of us at my work take it in turns for breakfast and lunch. Usually with the shouts of "Its your turn bastard I bought breakfast".
    • I've noticed that when I load the poll on the mobile site (chrome on galaxy s3) it doesn't show any options, but if I click to view results then hit the back button they'll appear.

      No idea why..this entire mobile site seems to be very oddly coded and extremely fragile....

  • A year ago my employer went from ubiquitous, anonymous vending machines to a slick, new vending system with user accounts, barcode readers and - no kidding - thumbprint logins. Obviously they are tracking what each employee is consuming. Since we did not sign anything about how they use the data, I inquired. The HR dept never quite answered the question, but did reveal that the system has the option of offering advice when you make your selection. "Perhaps you'd like a healthy apple instead of that Twix ba
    • I think they just put that stuff there to get people to snack less. Bet the barcode readers and thumbprint logins don't even work. ;P

    • by c0lo (1497653)

      A year ago my employer went from ubiquitous, anonymous vending machines to a slick, new vending system with user accounts, barcode readers and - no kidding - thumbprint logins.

      Given the lengths that went at dispensing stage, a question just po(p/o)ped into my mind: how far they track the snacks along the digestion course?

  • My work generally provides free snacks, but it's basically nothing but health food, which I've grown use to(and which is probably for the better).

    Snacks include: Fresh fruit brought in weekly, pretzels and other low-fat chip-like things, trail mix. Fruit gummies sometimes. All the good stuff is usually gone 3 or 4 days after it's stocked
    Bevarages include: A vast library of different teas, An awesome coffee machine that makes espresso, "basic" creamer, sugar, other sweetners(I usually buy my own French
  • My current employer supplies unshelled peanuts, green bananas, and non-quite-ripe apples. The fruit, lame as it is, disappears around Wednesday of the each week, long before it actually become edible.

    There is also a vending machine which sells generally toxic vending machine food. At least I can get Coke from the machine to ward off the afternoon snooze.

    At a previous short term employer, the only viable caffeine source was chocolate. So not a good thing, especially since I was somewhat immobilized due to

    • If it isn't palatable, I don't eat more than I really need.

      Lose Weight Through the Magic of Unpalatable Food, by erice. I'll look for it in bookstores.

  • Soft drinks, coffees, teas, water and lunch brought in a few times a month but no snacks (not even Twinkies.) Everyone brings their own.
  • by concealment (2447304) on Thursday February 07, 2013 @04:11PM (#42823717) Homepage Journal

    When I was 21, free snacks and sodas really made a big difference.

    Now, I'd rather they put the effort into 401(k), flexible schedule, good benefits, and not wasting our time with too many meetings.

    Seriously, if there's nothing we have left to do, go home. Don't have a meeting about it.

  • It's closer to zero than full price, so I voted "On the house"

  • I work from home -- so all my food, entertainment and necessary hygene needs are provided.
  • I feel like there is a missing option. Coffee, tea, and hot chocolate are provided by the employers. While technically employees are "on their own" with snacks, the front desk secretary purchases snacks, puts them in a cabinet, and sells them at slightly above but near cost. Payment is done via the honor system.
  • by steak (145650) on Thursday February 07, 2013 @05:26PM (#42824763) Homepage Journal

    I am my own boss and buy myself snacks. It improves my morale toward myself, and that way I don't have to worry that I'll steal office equipment from myself.

    • by MrL0G1C (867445)

      I think I may have stole some office equipment from myself a few days back, I'm not sure if it was mine before I acquired it, but it sure as hell is mine now!

    • by Type44Q (1233630)

      This guy goes to a shrink.

      Psychiatrist: What seems to be the problem?

      Patient: Doc, I don't know what to do; one day I feel like a teepee, the next day I feel like a yurt.

      Psychiatrist: You're too tense...

  • I get a free meal at Nando's for every shift that I work.
  • Snacks are generally all over my keyboard.

  • Who has time to eat between meals while working?!?!

    Wait, I do know the answer to that one; the lazy! Seriously, I can barely pull away for lunch, and that's only because I made it a stipulation of my employment, i.e., I get a lunch break or I will pass out from lack of food and be useless the rest of the day, or get run down and sick and miss work.

  • If you're interested, there's a clip on YouTube about the snack bar at Valve Software [] .
  • Each floor in the building has an area with coffee (regular and decaf), a soda fountain with Coke products, a hot water dispenser, tea bags, sweeteners, cream, refrigerator and microwave.

    No charge for drinks. Food is sometimes provided for meetings but aside from that typically not.

    Many employees have candy jars or other snacks out for sharing.

    It is always acceptable to be eating, though. At your desk, in a meeting, whatever. Bring your food if you need to eat.

  • I'm a resident assistant at a public college, my meal plan (20 per week) is included as part of my stipend so I can eat 3 square meals a day with the exception of one meal a week courtesy of my job.
  • I work at a university, and we don't get snacks, but do get a full cooked lunch for free from the dining hall. I find this incredibly generous, yet many staff do not take advantage of it, and others also complain that you cannot instead get a free sandwich from the coffee shop to take back to the office! Amazing.

  • by Smivs (1197859)
    In Soviet Russia, the snacks eat you!
  • Stacks at your desk are on you. But if I'm running a meeting that runs around lunchtime, I buy (from my own pocket) a collection of trail mix, dried cranberries, nuts, etc.

  • We eat lunch together daily, and more often than not, I pick up the tab. Chipping in is encouraged, rather than making it a formal "Company pays for lunch" perk, because I enjoy the check-shuck-and-jive charade. One chap times his bathroom break impeccably to the check's arrival, and others have competed to see who can nonchalantly lose the draw of the wallets contest. But then, I am easily amused.
  • Does booze count as a snack? Our company fridge is currently stocked with beer and the cabinets with wine. We're low on liquor. Not due to supply, but demand. Everything is employee provided and pooled. For good reason. Grey Goose is good, but you don't want to drink the whole bottle by yourself at lunch. Much more fun to share.

    Not much work gets done on those afternoons while we sober up before going home. We're engineers, we plan this stuff out.

  • We are people of the desk. The corporate culture here puts a strong emphasis on showing your work ethic by spending as much of your work day as possible chained to your desk; it's part of the Calvinist-style work ethic going on here. People rarely go out for lunch and only occasionally head down to the cafeteria to eat lunch. Mostly it's working through lunch at one's desk, eating while typing away or on the phone. There are two break rooms on each floor in the building, and they each have two vending machi

  • There are several snack and soda machines scattered throughout the building.
    However, all of them are horribly priced, and you can get a better deal just about anywhere else.
    Can of soda? $1. Bottle of soda? $2. Small bag of chips? $1.50.
    So apparently underpaying and overworking us isn't enough, they have to try to overcharge us too.
  • There is a free high end espresso machine, for which I provide coffee syrups so people can make lattes (since some use soy or milk or almond etc).

    But there are no free snacks. However, most scientists around here bake when they get stressed, so there is usually some chocolate or cookies or some form of baked good every day or so.

  • WFH. Add option "absolutely nothing for last 5 yrs."

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