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Submission + - Rapiscan's "backscatter" nude-o-scopes coming to federal buildings (

McGruber writes: The Federal Times (, a weekly print newspaper published by Ganette Government Media Corp, is reporting ( that the Rapiscan Systems “backscatter” passenger screening machines used by the US Transportation Security Administration (TSA) will likely be redeployed to federal buildings.

Rapiscan System's backscatter machines have exposed passengers to radiation since they were first installed. As previously reported on slashdot (, TSAdecided last month to stop using the machines because the manufacturer was unable to make changes to the machines that were mandated by Congress. Now TSA is attempting to sucker another federal agency into taking the nude-o-scopes. As TSA spokesman David Castelveter explained, "“Hopefully we will be able to deploy them within other government agencies."

Although the media has reported the machines have already been removed from airports, the majority are still in use at US airports — while 76 machines have been removed, another 174 still remain in use at airports. The machines cost about $40 million, based upon a $160,000 per-unit cost.

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Rapiscan's "backscatter" nude-o-scopes coming to federal buildings

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