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Submission + - Piriform asks BleachBit to Remove Winapp2.ini Importer ( 1

ahziem writes: As author of the BleachBit system cleaner, I received a polite but firm a request from Piriform, makers of the similar application CCleaner, to remove a two-year-old feature from BleachBit that allows individual BleachBit users to import winapp2.ini data files created by the community that define which files to delete for applications. Does Piriform's request have merit? Do I need a lawyer? What is a good response to avoid any ugly situation?
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Piriform asks BleachBit to Remove Winapp2.ini Importer

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  • They definitely won't get any now, and I'll be switching to BB (which I didn't know existed before). On top of that, you're GPL and support Linux: woohoo!

    One problem I see, though: the web page for Webapp2.ini states explicitly they support you AND that they are NOT part of Piriform, so I don't see how Piriform could have a leg to stand on.

    However, another problem is that I can't find anywhere that states what license webapp2.ini is distributed under.

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