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dcblogs writes: Michigan lawmakers just approved a right-to-work law in an effort to dismantle union power, but unions are already becoming irrelevant. The problem with unions is they can’t protect jobs. They can’t stop a company from moving jobs overseas, closing offices, or replacing workers with machines. Indeed, improvements in automation is making the nation attractive again for manufacturing, according to U.S. intelligence Global Trends 2030 report. The trends are clear. Amazon spent $775 million this year to acquire a company, Kiva Systems that makes robots used in warehouses. Automation will replace warehouse workers, assembly-line and even retail workers. In time, Google’s driverless cars will replace drivers in the trucking industry. Unions sometimes get blamed for creating uncompetitive environments and pushing jobs overseas. But the tech industry, which isn’t unionized, is a counterpoint. Tech has been steadily moving jobs overseas to lower costs.
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Automation is making unions irrelevant

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  • Two wrongs don't make any right. It's still two wrongs:
    Workers gets treated poorly by employers. And so workers forms unions. But unions are still a single-point-of-failure
    and fairly easily corruptible.

    The citizens elects politicians, which are another corruptible single-point-of-failure.

    The solution seems obvious.
    Form organizations and companies that uses deeper cooperation than mere unions. That actually complies with 'Don't be evil.'

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