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Submission + - Ask Slashdot: What video games keep you from using Linux? 7

skade88 writes: Everyone knows content is king. Many of us use Windows or OSX at home instead of Linux because the games we love just are not available on Linux. With Steam moving forward for a Linux launch, I would like to hear from the Slashdot community on this topic. What are the game(s) you cannot live without? If they were available in Linux would you be happy to run Linux instead of Windows or OSX?
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Ask Slashdot: What video games keep you from using Linux?

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  • None.
    Every game i play is already on Linux ( opensuse12.1&2 ) .
    in the software repos or i build from source

    • Likewise.
      At home, all of our Laptops/PCs are Linux-only. Apart from the servers, they all run Xubuntu 12.04 LTS, and there's no shortage of games for them. The servers run on Synology's Linux.
  • I have Windows 7 on my PC which I rarely use since it means I have to go to a specific room to use it. My laptop is a MacBook Air, and I mostly use my iPad for casual browsing and a few simple games. Most of my gaming is done on the XBox 360 and Wii. I don't think Linux is going to change the dynamic much or get me back to playing games on the PC. My world has moved away from PCs and I enjoy the freedom.

    The real question is what will I replace my current Wii60 combination with? A WiiU? The next XBox?

  • For me it is The Civ games, WoW, SC2 and Dungeon Defenders. Getting those in Linux would be tops! :D
    • I'm holding out hope that some of the older games have a decent shot at being ported, even if only as bottled wine packages. Personally, the only reason I keep my Windows partition around is Skyrim and Netflix, and if Netflix supported Linux, I'd move to Skyrim on Wine in an instant.
  • None for me. Linux is my default desktop OS of choice, and most of the non-console, non-portable games I play either run on Linux or are platform-agnostic (i.e. web-based games). For the rest, I use a Windows partition, but since shutting down everything and rebooting to Windows is a hassle, I tend to not play those as often.

    Of course, the real question for me is "what games are keeping that Windows partition on your computer?". And for THAT, the answer comes down to "not many, the majority of which will

  • To paraphrase what others have already posted, I use Linux for work and Windows for play.

    A better question would have been, "What games cause you to keep a Windows system around?".

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