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redletterdave writes: "At the company's media event last month, Apple introduced its fifth-generation iPod Touch and seventh-generation iPod Nano, but only mentioned an October timeframe for when it would start filling pre-orders. Without an official word, it looks like the official launch day for the new iPods is today. Apple Stores around the country are currently stocked with the new iPods and customers who pre-ordered are finally receiving email notifications that their orders have shipped, or are "preparing to ship." Still, it is interesting to note that Apple didn't make a special announcement or even post a press release to announce the launch of its newest media players, especially as the competition heats up before the holiday season."
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Apple Quietly Releases New iPods

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  • You had to figure that Apple would release a new iPod, since they have obsoleted their old 30-pin connector. The new iPod models have the "Lightning" connector.

    It also has an optional lanyard, which seems like a pretty good feature. That made me wonder "Why didn't they do that before?" For that matter, why don't any cell phones have an optional lanyard? I guess you can get a case with a lanyard if you really want one.


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