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Submission + - Patent wars flare up in Taiwan (

ericjones12398 writes: "All eyes are fixed on the Apple v. Samsung trial currently playing out in the courts. For those following patent law, this is perhaps the latest “Trial of the Century.” Two of the world’s biggest computing and consumer electronics giants are going at one another. So it’s not much of a surprise that a lower profile case between Apple and a Taiwanese university has flown under the radar. This time it’s Apple that’s on the defense. Taiwan’s National Cheng Kung University alleges that Apple infringes on its patents with the Siri voice assistant. In particular, Apple is accused of infringing on patents relating to voice recognition software. The lawsuit is curious. Typically, it is American firms accusing Asian ones of stealing their intellectual property. For example, Apple was famously able to delay shipments of HTC smartphones to the United States due to patent wars between Cupertino and the Taiwanese electronics manufacturer. For its part, the university sees itself as leading a charge for all of Taiwan, rather than just protecting its own IP. Chen Xisan, director of the school’s legal department was quoted as saying that “We want to protect Taiwan’s patents from being infringed upon” and “we want to help the local industry.” Apple has remained mum, but the university’s concerns seem to have some merit."
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Patent wars flare up in Taiwan

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