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Submission + - We Robot' Explores Robot Law & Policy

Froomkin writes: "This weekend, April 21 & 22, the University of Miami School of Law is gathering experts on the front lines of robot theory, design and development, as well as those who will design or influence the legal and social structures in which robots operate to discuss robot law and policy at We Robot 2012. All the We Robot conference papers are online, and there wil be live streaming video. Topics include automated law enforcement, to whether robots should have rights, miliary drones, sex robots, and roboethics. This isn't Laws of Robotics Isaac Asimov style, but rather the start of a long conversation about what robots should be able to do — and what happens when things go wrong. Robots that can work closely with humans will be the source of policy, regulatory, legal and – yes – philosophical problems, and it is time to start working through them."
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We Robot' Explores Robot Law & Policy

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