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Submission + - Russia, Europe seek divorce from U.S. tech (computerworld.com)

dcblogs writes: The Russians are building a 10-petaflop supercomputer as part of a goal to build an exascale system by 2018-20, in the same timeframe as the U.S. The Russians, as well as Europe and China, want to reduce reliance on U.S. tech vendors and believe that exascale system development will lead to breakthroughs that could seed new tech industries. "Exascale computing is a challenge, and indeed an opportunity for Europe to become a global HPC leader," said Leonardo Flores Anover, who is the European Commission's project officer for the European Exascale Software Initiative.“The goal is to foster the development of a European industrial capability," he said. Think what Europe accomplished with Airbus. For Russia: "You can expect to see Russia holding its own in the exascale race with little or no dependence on foreign manufacturers," said Mike Bernhardt, who writes The Exascale Report and who was responding for T-Platforms, Moscow-based firm building 10-pflop system. For now, Russia is relying on Intel and Nvidia.
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Russia, Europe seek divorce from U.S. tech

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