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Submission + - AMD cancels 28nm APUs, starts from scratch at TSMC (

MrSeb writes: "According to multiple independent sources, AMD has canned its 28nm Brazos-based Krishna and Wichita designs that were meant to replace Ontario and Zacate in the second half of 2012. Sunnyvale will likely announce a new set of 28nm APUs at its Financial Analyst Day in February — and the new chips will be manufactured by TMSC, rather than its long-time partner GlobalFoundries. The implications and financial repercussions could be enormous. Moving 28nm APUs from GloFo to TSMC means scrapping the existing designs and laying out new parts using gate-last rather than gate-first manufacturing. AMD may try to mitigate the damage by doing a straightforward 28nm die shrink of existing Ontario/Zacate products, but that's unlikely to fend off increasing competition from Intel and ARM in the mobile space. The momentum AMD built for itself through 2011 is on the verge of stalling out — and if it doesn't field something competitive in the next 24 months, it may find itself with an x86 gulf that is simply too wide to leap."
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AMD cancels 28nm APUs, starts from scratch at TSMC

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