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Submission + - Brazilian ISPs Hit with Massive DNS Attack (

wiredmikey writes: Millions of people in Brazil have potentially been exposed to malware, as a result of a nationwide DNS attack. Additionally, several organizations in Brazil are reporting that network devices are also under attack. After being compromised remotely, scores of routers and modems had their DNS settings altered to redirect traffic.

Across the country, organizations are reporting that network devices were compromised and had their DNS settings changed to join the existing DNS attack. In those cases, when employees of the affected companies tried to open any website they were requested to execute a malicious Java applet, which would install malware presented as "Google Defence" software that tells the user is required to use the search engine, but instead is a trojan.

"These are typically not "classic" cache-poisoning attacks done with botnets in a Kaminsky-style attack," said one security expert.

While the DNS attacks rampaged, Brazil’s Federal Police arrested a 27-year-old who was an employee of a medium-sized ISP in the southern part of the country.

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Brazilian ISPs Hit with Massive DNS Attack

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