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Submission + - NASA Nixes Cameron's 3D mars Cam (ibtimes.com) 2

RedEaredSlider writes: James Cameron's vision of putting images of Mars in 3D is likely to remain a dream, as NASA announced it will say no to the project.

The famed director behind such Hollywood blockbusters as Avatar and Titantic, was looking to help film the Red Planet in 3D by attaching a special 3D camera on the next Mars rover. However, NASA announced it doesn't have time to test out the 3D camera for the rover, which is slated to launch later this year and land on Mars in August of 2012 for a two-year mission.

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NASA Nixes Cameron's 3D mars Cam

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  • And most importantly: stereo camera is a standard feature on Mars rovers, each and every one of them had it! (likewise at least some stationary landers) So "James Cameron's vision of putting images of Mars in 3D is likely to remain a dream" is a misunderstanding.

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