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Submission + - Company offers to buy your GPU cycles ( 1

mikejuk writes: Compute4Cash is offering to pay real money for your unwanted GPU cycles. All you have to do is download its utility program and it starts to clockup Work Units that you get paid for. It's an intriguing idea — but what does it intend to compute with your hardware? Is it paying you less than the cost of the electricity used to run the card?
What if your GPU is cracking passwords in its spare time?

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Company offers to buy your GPU cycles

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  • Some video cards do cost more to run than Compute4Cash can pay for, but any 5 or 6 series Radeon will yield a nice profit. A single Radeon 5970 will give $300 per month at the current rate of $0.20/WU, which is a promotional rate good through February 2011. Older video cards and some nVidia cards really do not perform well with the Compute4Cash client and are therefore may not be able to generate enough income to offset the electricity costs in some areas. If you live in a cold climate though the heat gi

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