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Submission + - Attempting to Unify the Home Media Experience (

eldavojohn writes: A startup called Libox has some high goals for allowing people to experience media on any device in their home in the same manner. Founder Erez Pilosof noticed something that a lot of Slashdotters have long experienced: proprietary formats, DRM, vendor lock in and monopolies have stopped us from enjoying media across different devices in a unified manner. Pilosof aims to even implement a sort of P2P inside your home across devices with Libox and, of course, by utilizing the impending HTML 5 that will support media formats openly on many devices. The article is light on details of how transcoding might occur with a hint that upon initially 'finding' your media it may require a lot of CPU cycles and extra space. On the upside, your media never gets uploaded to their servers. They hope to improve and specialize the software for common devices like the iPhone or Android based phones as well as rely on revenue from content providers who wish to market content through this service across all your devices. And that's where you might recall the reason this is not happening in the United States--the RIAA and MPAA. Sharing files? Simultaneous enjoyment? Users unimpeded by encryption? P2P INSIDE the user's home? Of course the entertainment industry will have a problem with the little start up aiming to offer users that sort of liberation.
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Attempting to Unify the Home Media Experience

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