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Submission + - HTML5 vs. Flash: The Case for Flash ( 4

snydeq writes: "InfoWorld's Peter Wayner offers 7 reasons why Web designers will remain loyal to Flash for rich Web content, despite 'seductive' new capabilities offered by HTML5. Sure, HTML5 aims to duplicate many of the features that were once the sole province of plug-ins (local disk storage, video display, better rendering, algorithmic drawing, and more) and has high-profile backers in Google and Apple, but as Wayner sees it, this fight is more about designers than it is about technocrats and programmers. And from its sub-pixel resolution, to its developer tools, to its 'write once, play everywhere' functionality, Flash has too much going for it to fall by the wayside. 'The real battle is in the hearts and eyes of the artists who are paid to create incredibly beautiful objects in the span of just a few hours. The designers will make the final determination. As long as Flash and its cousins Flex and Shockwave remain the simplest tools for producing drop-dead gorgeous Websites, they'll keep their place on the Internet.'"
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HTML5 vs. Flash: The Case for Flash

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  • While I despise Flash, the submitter makes some very good points. Perhaps we will get some very simple to use authoring tools for HTML5 video?

    • Perhaps we will get some very simple to use authoring tools for HTML5 video?

      Badgers [] is a 36-second-long vector animation that takes 436 KiB. Make it in HTML5 without cheating,* and I'll believe HTML5 is ready for prime time.

      * Here I define cheating as any technique that makes the end result more than 50% bigger than the SWF or substantially reduces the audio quality. Rendering each frame of the SWF and compressing the result as H.264 or WebM is one example of cheating.

      • Um, HTML5 video is rendered as WebM or H.264 as per the standard (actually I believe that H.264 is the standard, so um, yeah). So, by your definition, it is already cheating. Or are you talking about piping the swf through a converter and rendering the end product as HTML5 video. Either way, the end result is it getting displayed as such.

        • by tepples ( 727027 )

          Um, HTML5 video is rendered as WebM or H.264 as per the standard

          "Badgers" is not a video; it is a vector animation. Converting it to a video is like converting an SVG to a JPEG.

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