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OpenBSD 5.5 Released 128

ConstantineM (965345) writes "Just as per the schedule, OpenBSD 5.5 was released today, May 1, 2014. The theme of the 5.5 release is Wrap in Time, which represents a significant achievement of changing time_t to int64_t on all platforms, as well as ensuring that all of the 8k+ OpenBSD ports still continue to build and work properly, thus doing all the heavy lifting and paving the way for all other operating systems to make the transition to 64-bit time an easier task down the line. Signed releases and packages and the new signify utility are another big selling point of 5.5, as well as OpenSSH 6.6, which includes lots of DJB crypto like chacha20-poly1305, plus lots of other goodies."
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OpenBSD 5.5 Released

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  • Re:YAY for BSD (Score:3, Informative)

    by Anonymous Coward on Thursday May 01, 2014 @01:10PM (#46890651)

    Fire up a VM and try it out, OpenBSD is a really nice OS to work with IMO.

  • USB Installer! (Score:5, Informative)

    by Dimwit ( 36756 ) on Thursday May 01, 2014 @01:43PM (#46891107)

    There's a USB installation image for i386 and amd64! Finally! Dear lord, it's been years. That's as big a deal as the time_t thing for me.

  • NetBSD time_t (Score:4, Informative)

    by Anonymous Coward on Thursday May 01, 2014 @01:44PM (#46891121)

    I use OpenBSD almost exclusively, but in all fairness NetBSD was the first to move to a 64-bit time_t on all its platforms.

    Also, there's no chance that Linux would ever make such a jump. They'll invent something complex and annoying to maintain backward compatibility with all the proprietary crapware. OpenBSD and NetBSD can do it because they're not afraid to make everybody recompile their software.

    (For people who don't understand the issue: on NetBSD and OpenBSD time_t is now 64-bits, even on 32-bit platforms. So the 2038 problem is non-existent going forward, even for 32-bit software.)

  • Re:YAY for BSD (Score:2, Informative)

    by Kremmy ( 793693 ) on Thursday May 01, 2014 @01:47PM (#46891175)
    There's a little bit of header, a little bit of license, BSD...

    It's the silent protagonist in the technological world - they build and refine the technology that seeps into all other operating systems.
    The code is licensed so liberally that Stallman's arguments literally boil down to "everyone can use it so it's not free".
    If you dig into the credits portion of almost any software, it's there.
    We all use BSD.
  • Re: YAY for BSD (Score:3, Informative)

    by Anonymous Coward on Thursday May 01, 2014 @02:47PM (#46892041)

    How to update Open BSD: insert CD, boot CD, select update. Wait a few minutes. Upgrade ports. Wait a few minutes. You are done.

    No CD? Copy base files to machine through SSH. Install files. Reboot. Upgrade ports. Wait a few minutes. You are done.

    Any other questions?

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