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A Taste of FreeBSD With VirtualBSD 43

ReeceTarbert writes "If you wanted to try FreeBSD but didn't have the right hardware, or enough time to make it useful on the desktop, VirtualBSD might fit the bill: it's a VMware appliance based on FreeBSD 7.1-RELEASE and features the Xfce 4 Desktop Environment and a few of the most common applications to make it very functional right out of the box. If you're curious you can have a look at the screenshots, or proceed to the download page and grab the torrent file right away. (Note: VirtualBSD also works in VirtualBox 2.x as long as you create a new virtual machine and select the virtual disk from the archive instead of creating a new one)."
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A Taste of FreeBSD With VirtualBSD

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  • by jdong ( 1378773 ) on Tuesday March 10, 2009 @10:03AM (#27133961)

    However, non-trivial disk acivity (such as compiling a port) caused the OS to shit itself with geometry errors.

    That's my experience too, even with VBox 2.1.2-VBox 2.1.4: Any nontrivially intense disk activity will panic/oops the kernel with disk controller related errors. Once or twice it even was triggered in the installation phase when I elected to install some ports from the second CD. And forget about SCSI controller emulation as a workaround -- that instantly dies on newfs.

  • by jo42 ( 227475 ) on Tuesday March 10, 2009 @01:40PM (#27137437) Homepage

    When did virtual machines start getting referred to as "Appliances"?

    When the "Marketing Department" got involved.

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