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GPL Code Found In OpenBSD Wireless Driver 671

NormalVisual writes "The mailing lists were buzzing recently when Michael Buesch, one of the maintainers for the GPL'd bc43xx Broadcom wireless chip driver project, called the OpenBSD folks to task for apparently including code without permission from his project in the OpenBSD bcw project, which aims to provide functionality with Broadcom wireless chips under that OS. It seems that the problem has been resolved for now with the BSD driver author totally giving up on the project and Theo De Raadt taking the position that Buesch's posts on the subject were 'inhuman.'" More commentary from the BSD community is over at
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GPL Code Found In OpenBSD Wireless Driver

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  • by Mr. Flibble ( 12943 ) on Saturday April 07, 2007 @01:51PM (#18647849) Homepage
    Bruce, you can't keep coming in here and providing reasoned commentary. I mean, how will all us slashbots have a good old fashioned flamewar circa 1999? ;)
  • by hildi ( 868839 ) on Saturday April 07, 2007 @01:56PM (#18647919)
    Fast on the heels of Ballmer's tantrums and chair throwing, the BSD community was today wracked again by the borderline personality disorders and rageaholics that permeate the open source movement. Theo De Raadt, founder of the Open BSD Brigade, in an apparent fit of anger, threw his fist through a wall as he was cussing out an acolyte of Chairman Richard Stallman, leader of the competing marxist organization, the Free Stalin Foundation.

    Hans Reiser, an open source maven who murdered his wife in cold blood, commented from prison that open source programmers had no abnormal personality problems, and were all "very smart people, very intelligent." Eric Raymon, fresh from a trip to the Paul Revere Institute Convention and Bondage Festival in Las Vegas, echoed these comments: "What the world doesn't understand, is that we are geniuses. There is nothing wrong with using strong language to intimidate idiotarians and freedom hating anti-gun liberazis".

    Steve Jobs, emerging from a meditation chamber in his northern california home, opined that "he would fire half his open source staff" that night, as they had failed to properly implement a bitwise portrait of the mona lisa on the back of the motherboard for the new Apple Yojimbo motherboard family, slated to debut this fall.

    The BeOS developers, currently washing dishes at a Sacramento Olive Garden, had the following comments: "Yeah, we are kinda bummed that we lost all that money. But frankly, I'm kind of glad to be done with those freaks. Apple, Microsoft, Lunix, what a bunch of creeps and sociopaths."

    Echoed his boss "Johnny called in sick so I need you to work late tonight, is that OK?"


    (parts of this story were contributed by James Gandalfini)
  • by lysdexia ( 897 ) * on Saturday April 07, 2007 @02:44PM (#18648391) Homepage
    The plural of "doofus" is "doofusis" (pronounced Doo-Fah-SEE-z). A group of doofasis ruled by a single doofus is a "Doofusate".

    As in: "The prime Doofus among Doofusis in this Doofusate is Lysdexia, since his indoofation was initiated in doofanum 1999."

    It's simple, really.

  • by jZnat ( 793348 ) * on Saturday April 07, 2007 @03:04PM (#18648633) Homepage Journal
    Perhaps he's genuinely autistic? That would explain a lot.
  • by Tim Browse ( 9263 ) on Saturday April 07, 2007 @03:07PM (#18648657)

    Having read some of the responses, and apart from Theo's arguments being dumb (like repeatedly insisting on calling use of the code a 'mistake', like Marcus fell into a well or something, when Marcus already admitted what he did), it made me wonder how he gets any real work done. I mean he left tons of responses on that thread. I got bored scrolling past them, let alone reading them.

    Doesn't he have a home to go to?

    Mind you, it's probably not a fun home to be in.

    "Evening, dear. You're home late."
    "That's because you're INHUMAN!!!"
    "Let me get a dictionary for you...DEMON!!!"

  • by WaZiX ( 766733 ) on Saturday April 07, 2007 @03:30PM (#18648893)
    The bcm43xx driver doesn't even work!

  • by Anonymous Coward on Saturday April 07, 2007 @03:43PM (#18649037)
    So if I strip out all the copyright notices from a Vista ISO and commit it to a public CVS repository, it doesn't count as copyright infringement or plagiarism? And I won't have to worry about a nasty lawsuit from Microsoft?

    Correct. You are allowed -- nay, encouraged to do so, and post a link here on Slashdot.
  • by lewp ( 95638 ) on Saturday April 07, 2007 @03:51PM (#18649111) Journal
    Theo telling somebody else to watch what they say and to whom they say it? Maybe when he learns to take his own advice he'll be less of a joke.
  • by Anonymous Coward on Saturday April 07, 2007 @04:57PM (#18649741)
    Beer beer!
  • by Eric S. Smith ( 162 ) on Saturday April 07, 2007 @05:48PM (#18650235) Homepage

    Hey old man. Wanna buy some Viagra?

    As a matter of fact, I've just inherited a substantial fortune from a relative overseas. If you could front me a few grand to cover the foreign probate fees and wealth import taxes, I'll be in a position to send quite a bit of business your way.

  • by fuzz6y ( 240555 ) on Saturday April 07, 2007 @06:55PM (#18650777)

    Hans Reiser, an open source maven who murdered his wife in cold blood
    He has been arrested, but he has yet to stand trial. Given that we are "very smart people, very intelligent", we should be able to distinguish between the two.

    Also, Richard Stallman is chair of the Free Software Foundation, not the Free Stalin Foundation, and the BeOS developers do not wash dishes at the olive garden. It's almost like GP was making false statements on purpose, perhaps for the sake of humor or something.

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