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Frenzy - FreeBSD-based LiveCD for sysadmins 42

techniX writes "Frenzy is a portable system administrator toolkit - FreeBSD-based LiveCD. It generally contains software for hardware tests, file system check, security check and network setup and analysis. Size of ISO-image is 200 MBytes (3" CD). Current version is 0.3, it contains almost 400 applications, full software list is on their site. Main website as well as some screen shots Frenzy 0.3 screenshot"
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Frenzy - FreeBSD-based LiveCD for sysadmins

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  • by Anonymous Coward on Monday February 28, 2005 @09:33AM (#11801719)
    This is *BSD we are talking about. A "LIVE" CD? Isn't that.... oh. never mind.
  • by JamesTRexx ( 675890 ) <`marcel.nystrom' `at' `'> on Monday February 28, 2005 @09:43AM (#11801777) Homepage Journal
    Cd's like these are very useful, even in our Windows-centric company. One laptop had a fried harddrive, Windows crashed upon starting. First I tried the recovery console which was no help because the disk was beyond repair, then I tried a BartPE [] XP cd but that wouldn't recognize neither the nic in the docking nor a USB nic (no, I didn't want to have to add all sorts of drivers etc. to it first). Downloaded a FreeSBIE [] cd and it worked perfectly. The guy was very happy about his saved data, the shmuck.
    *goes off to browse the site*
  • I hope they come up with a version that defaults to Window Maker. :)

  • No EMACS? (Score:2, Funny)

    by Anonymous Coward
    This cd cannot be used for serious tasks. It lacks the most essential application. EMACS.
    • by Anonymous Coward
      It's on the second CD. Ran out of room.
      • No, actually, I think you will find that that is a cryptographic hash for each segment of the program....each segment is on one of those hard drives over there in the box ;)
  • Russian?


    Well the screenshot looked nice anyway.

  • excellent toolkit (Score:5, Informative)

    by Ragica ( 552891 ) on Tuesday March 01, 2005 @03:08PM (#11814841) Homepage
    This is a really great collection of software for admins and hackers (in the good sense of the word). In my opinion it is the most useful bootable kit i've yet seen.

    I booted the GUI once briefly, but didn't have a mouse hooked up so it was useless. I don't really care about the GUI. The focus of this kit is mostly command line tools (though there are some gui-only tools). The system boots to a prompt; you have to start X from the command line if you want it.

    It's pretty annoying the way it defaults to Russian if you don't press e within three seconds during boot up. But hey, it was made by Russians who are probably pretty annoyed by all the English they are forced to endure.

    The BSD kernel is very nice for detecting hardware. They're method of automounting drives seems to work pretty well. The little help system they have included which categorises and lists all of the installed utilities to help you find your way around is indeed very helpful (it would be better still if it was searchable).

    Anyhow, i love this disk. It's so useful. I tend to us it more than Knoppix now in many situations. All of the more admin-oriented linux boot disks i've tried tend to have gotten stale, not updated, and be hard to find out what tools are on them after booting. Maybe Frenzy will stagnate as well. But for now it is my favourite.

    Also having a lot of BSD boxes of course I am biased. Most of the linux boot disks don't give much attention to UFS/FFS file systems.

    • Most of the linux boot disks don't give much attention to UFS/FFS file systems

      That's my main issue as well. I like knoppix, but if I have a REAL problem with my BSD servers, knoppix is pretty much worthless for anything but cloning drives.

      I wasn't too happy with the FreeBSD rescue disk either. I've been using Frisbee, but it takes forever and a day to load. Not sure about fluxbox as the window manager, but like you I tend not to have any mice connected to any of my machines or laying around. This mig
      • I've been using Frisbee, but it takes forever and a day to load.
        Actually it's FreeSBIE, but that's not the point. And yeah, it's rather annoying that it takes soooo long to load. I don't know what it's doing in the meantime, but I hope it's something good.

        Either way, I'm glad this new LiveCD is out. Haven't tried it yet but it looks promising. And boy am I happy it doesn't go directly to X mode! :)
    • > It's pretty annoying the way it defaults to Russian if you don't press e within three seconds during boot up.

      'cmon! I thought all *BSD people were more technically savvy than most. I mean, so you burn 2 cd's; The first one, and then the second where you change the default language to english.

      Sheesh, it's a simple mount, vi, umount, cdrecord.

      And yeah, yeah, hold the emacs comments to yourself. Real men use vi. :)
  • It looks like a decent livecd system and all, but does anyone else find it strange that they would include all those other archivers but not bother with tar or bzip2? I don't know if that software list is exhaustive, but that's pretty weird.
  • Normally, LiveCDs have concentrated on repairing systems, but finding out if there is a problem through running a BSD LiveCD sounds like a very useful idea.

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