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FreeBSD 4.X Lives On 72

An anonymous reader writes "In spite of FreeBSD 5.3 going to "production" status, FreeBSD is still planning at least one more full release of the mature production 4.x series. FreeBSD 4.11 Release Candidate 1 has been announced. The complete 4.11 release schedule is here. This is good news for those who can't or don't want to migrate to FreeBSD 5 yet."
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FreeBSD 4.X Lives On

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  • Always nice to see another BSD release.
  • by Just Some Guy ( 3352 ) <> on Monday December 20, 2004 @09:59PM (#11143047) Homepage Journal
    Nice work, guys. I admin a few servers that are several hundred miles away from where I live. When I swing by there next time, I'll definitely be upgrading to 5.x. In the mean time, it's nice to know that I'll still have a few new features and bugfixes to keep things reasonably current with a minimum of disruption.

    Thanks for the nice work!

    • If you try this, don't just upgrade and leave.

      There is a nasty bug that caused the server I installed FreeBSD 5.3 on (which ran FreeBSD 4.x for years, and currently runs FreeBSD 4.10 problem-free) take 2-3 hours to reboot under FreeBSD 5.3. The part where it fails is after the system is already offline, so that's 2-3 hours of solid downtime until the OS gets around to figuring out it should continue rebooting.

      I checked the mailing lists, and apparently that was an improvement, as it used to panic on reb
      • I had that problem in 5.2.1, but it was solved in 5.3. Instead of abandoning an OS you've been running for years at the drop of a hat, why not see about getting that bug fixed? Has it been logged? If not, did you log it? Has it already been fixed in -CURRENT?

        If you think DragonFly is going to be God's perfection on Earth, you're nuts.
        • Yep FBSD 5.3 according to various sources [] is not production grade.

          There are several bugs with hardware and i/o issues. It works beautifully or very badly unlike 4.x

          You may want to read the flame war with some benchmarks stressing the new threading model int he link above?

          Not to sound trollish of course but I have been pretty disapointed in the direction of 5.x. NetBSD might be a better option in my opinion for servers.

          I wonder how the DragonFLY project is going? I am not a kernel expert or qualified to

  • Last time I tried I could either have WiFi in 4.x or Bluetooth in 5.x but never the twain.

  • FreeBSD 4.X still has value, albeit less than it did when it was the flagship branch. When I read the TODO list for this the other night, I saw that the tables only contained the titles. 4.11 seems like it will be good for people who want to setup a low-end do-whatever server with current packages and base system apps, while 5.X will handle everything else. My pentium 200 will be upgraded to 4.11 once it gets recommissioned.

    It's good to see that this release is coming to be, and that support for FreeBSD 4
    • I bought a cheapish laptop from eBay recently to do some GNUstep work on (i.e. making sure code I've developed on the Mac works cleanly on GNUstep, and tidying up the bits that don't), and put 5.3 on it. So far, I've been very impressed. I tried some of the earlier 5.x releases, but the rough edges sent me back to 4.x quite quickly. On the other hand, I will probably keep 4.x on my server for the foreseeable future - it works (and works well), and migrating from 4.x -> 4.(x+1) is a lot easier than mig
  • Procrastination (Score:3, Insightful)

    by kirkjobsluder ( 520465 ) <kirk AT jobsluder DOT net> on Tuesday December 21, 2004 @02:38AM (#11144871) Homepage
    Seriously, I'm really holding off on the jump to the 5.X series. It looks like the best migration route from 4.X to 5.X is backup-reformat-reinstall-restore. My system currently does just about everything I need (I've given up on wine as not worth the effort) and I just know that I'll miss some configuration file that took me about 6 hours to tweak into working.
    • I have to agree with you there. I recently retired my 4.1->4.9-STABLE server (yeah, it was that old) and rebuilt a new box. I tried 5.2.1, but still had lots of strange problems, system hanging, interfaces suddenly dying for no reason, etc... So back to 4-STABLE I went, my good old faithful friend...
      • 5.3-STABLE [sic] still has the interface death problem, at least it did for me. I would have kept it if not for that, despite the sluggishness it still had the composure and usability of a FreeBSD system. The other BSDs could learn from it, but then it might interfere with their designs of pure simplicity. Probably DragonFly will win there.
    • Just like the 2.x to 3.x jump, and the 3.x to 4.x jump, you're going to have to do an initial install moving from 4.x to 5.x. Were you expecting any different?
      • 3.x to 4.x wasn't too bad. mrnutty (my web box) has been running the same initial install since 3.4 and tracking stable with rebuilds for every SA and point release. (IIRC. 4.0 came out what, 4 years ago? I'm too lazy to check my changelog.)

        It saddens me that I'm going to have to do a fresh install for 5.x due to the need to increase the size of / (originally 30 MB on a 4 gig disk). I've tried a 5.3-RELEASE install with the same slice sizes, it was not happy. It does give me a reason to upgrade the dr
    • I've upgraded about 6 (production) machines from 4.10 -> 5.2.x and 5.3... Just follow the instructions near the bottom of /usr/src/UPDATING, and make sure to read the footnotes for each step.

      I've had no problems with the upgrade procedure. I did however have problems with one of the machines (5.2) crashing when it ran daily and weekly periodics.

      I had to remove the execute bit on two scripts, iirc.

      It can be done, just read the docs and perform a backup just in case.
  • by Viol8 ( 599362 ) on Tuesday December 21, 2004 @08:27AM (#11145918) Homepage
    There used to be a shop where you could actually buy FreeBSD. Now thats closed down there is no where to get it. I won't order over the net after once my card got duped and another time when something never showed up and I spent days arguing the toss with the supplier, and I can't download it as I have a 56K modem and no burner anyway. So basically even though I would like to get hold of a new version I'm screwed. I can't see why they can't increase their distribution channels somewhat...
  • I really don't see any reason to stick with FreeBSD, especially FreeBSD 4, instead of switching to DragonFlyBSD.

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