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BSD Operating Systems

OpenBSD's PF Developers Interview 110

An anonymous reader writes " has published a very long interview with 6 OpenBSD's PF developers: Cedric Berger (cedric@), Can Erkin Acar (canacar@), Daniel Hartmeier (dharmei@), Henning Brauer (henning@), Mike Frantzen (frantzen@) and Ryan McBride (mcbride@). Start reading from the first half and continue with the second part."
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OpenBSD's PF Developers Interview

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  • Re:Wow (Score:4, Insightful)

    by Moloch666 ( 574889 ) < minus threevowels> on Saturday May 08, 2004 @02:32PM (#9094694) Journal
    We are probably the only 2 people that read this article. I'm with you though. I'm currenly running all Gentoo switched from some use of FreeBSD. I'm seriously considering switching my firewall box to OpenBSD, the features sound awesome.
  • by Anonymous Coward on Sunday May 09, 2004 @11:22AM (#9099986)
    I second that about altq, I have torrents, web browsing and streaming audio all going on my crappy cable modem (upstream sucks) and the day I setup the queueing it was like putting in a second broadband connection that didn't stall or drop out. Highly recommended.

  • by DashEvil ( 645963 ) on Sunday May 09, 2004 @03:35PM (#9101443)
    You never implicity stated that you disliked it, although you could hardly call a comment like "why would you use something like bsd when you can find all the goodstuff in superior products without all the silly egos and nerd politics." friendly.

    You disliking it was strongly implied, and then supported by you calling it a failure right now.

    Of course, you believe that it is the `weak' license that made it a `failure', but you clearly do not understand the goals of project.

    The Goal's of the BSD projects include making software that will be usable. Usable in any sense. If a commerical company incorperates 70% of OpenBSD into a project, it wouldn't change OpenBSD any. Since it doesn't change OpenBSD, you couldn't really consider it a failing point of the OS. Good code is now in wider circulation. This is one of the BSD goals. Now to call a project a failure because it is meeting a goal that you don't agree with, that is, I believe, a `nerd politic'.

    I personally don't care if code gets contributed back. They aren't after World Domination. They just want something that you apparently do not understand: Universally better software. I use Microsoft software, and I appreciate every bit of BSD code that has been incorperated into it.

    Anyway, I question on what grounds you actually deem it to be a failure. It is still developed, it still has a userbase. One that is, in fact, growing, despite the whining of all the trolls. I use it because I find it incredibly useful. Why do I use it instead of Linux? The question of the day for the trolls. Why would I use Linux instead of FreeBSD? You can answer that question for me if you want. I probably won't pay attention because I've looked at most of the Free Open Source OS's myself, did my research, and picked a winner. You banging on the table calling it a failure does not make it one.

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