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NetBSD Packages Collection Releases A New Branch 25

jschauma writes "On behalf of the pkgsrc team, Alistair Crooks announced today that a new pkgsrc-2004Q1 branch of the NetBSD Packages Collection was created last night, and the freeze on committing to the pkgsrc trunk is now over. This branch, which includes some 4518 actively-maintained and supported packages, introduces a self-hosted pkgsrc infrstructure as part of the ever growing support of even more operating systems as well as a number of other goodies. Please see Alistair's message to the netbsd-announce mailing list for details."
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NetBSD Packages Collection Releases A New Branch

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  • Packages (Score:3, Interesting)

    by Anonymous Coward on Tuesday March 30, 2004 @01:38AM (#8711365)
    There are a few important points about any package management system that should be fulfilled.
    1. Packages should have all of their files independent from each other. Administering this type of system is far easier, as there's never any question where a file comes from.
    2. There is never any reason to recompile a package. Symlinks should enable all packages to have their dynamically linked libraries upgradeable without recompiling that package.
    3. There is never any reason to remove a package. Since the files are kept seperate, versioning problems don't exist. If nobody is using a version of a package, it can be removed. Otherwise there's no reason to bother.

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