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OpenBSD3.4 Shipping 55

skelley writes "As seen on deadly.org, OpenBSD 3.4 CDs have begin to ship. If you ordered one already, you should see a charge appear on your credit card (if that's how you paid) and you should expect to see your CD in the next few days to week (depending on where you are). The CDs are being shipped from Calgary. This is earlier than expected, but hey ... enjoy it!"
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OpenBSD3.4 Shipping

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  • I still can't order OpenBSD 3.4 throught its web site. Unless I am mistaken, I think this announcement was a little bit premature...
    • actually, those of us who pre-ordered 3.4 have the privilege of getting the released CDs first. after they've completed those orders, everybody else gets to order.

  • The OpenBSD 3.4 song [openbsd.org]

    The 3.1 song was the best. This one is weird - but nice lyrics.

    Lots of changes in the release: looks like a large code audit, ProPolice in the kernel, libraries loaded at random addresses, W^X for i386. Looks good. Haven't used with OpenBSD since 2.8 (went to FreeBSD), but this I might try this one.

    • by zulux ( 112259 ) on Wednesday October 15, 2003 @12:57PM (#7221015) Homepage Journal
      It looks like the FreeBSD people are going to pull in OpenBSD's PF to replace the old and crufty IPF.

      ( OpenBSD PS was created out of a typical Theo spat with the IPF people - and has gone on to kick IPF's ass. PF is cool! )

    • by anthonyrcalgary ( 622205 ) on Thursday October 16, 2003 @12:08AM (#7226566)
      I love PF. It beats the crap out of netfilter/ipchains, IPF, and it's almost easier to use than a web interface on a hardware router.

      Dunno how happy you'll be with it as a desktop system. My OpenBSD machine lives in the basement crawlspace, and I'm reasonably sure it doesn't have a monitor or keyboard at the moment. I don't know what it's like with a GUI.
      • I don't think any of the free *nixes are better or worse as desktop systems. They can all compile the same Mozilla, mplayer or whatever and since I'm the type that always tweaks compile-time options instead of using pre-compiled packages, all the *nixes are the same to me desktop-wise. The only real difference is that I don't need to fiddle with alternative ABIs or wrapper scripts to run vmware on Linux or Opera on FreeBSD but that's not that big a deal since any OS can give me a terminal and a decent brow
        • "I don't think any of the free *nixes are better or worse as desktop systems."

          Eh -- I dunno. Everything targets Linux. Takes a lot less work to get stuff working on it, especially like video cards and stuff. Also, consider the better interactivity on 2.6. Not appropriate for servers yet, but should be fine for a plain old dekstop. OpenBSD can't even take full advantage of a P4 HT.

          A firewall system is a different story. Your basic scrap computer will do just fine, as long as it can fit 2 PCI NIC's. It's be
          • Everything targets Linux. Takes a lot less work to get stuff working on it, especially like video cards and stuff.

            Not true at all. For just about anything except videocards, it's automatically detected and setup by the kernel. No need for kudzu, no messing with modules.conf or other options. No need to deal with unresolved kernel symbols, etc. Although it doesn't support as much hardware (it supports a very large portion of it though) it's hardware support is much better, in every way.

            For videocards,

  • may someone has tried to dualboot openbsd 3.4 (current) with windows 2000 (its just a desktop system - no production machine.)
    and NTFS? currently Im running w2k (on fat32 which sucks) and OBSD3.3 - and GAG [sourceforge.net]
    - due the new (?) NTFS Support [openbsd.org]it should work if GAG is installed on a w2k boot partion - or am I totally wrong? (I know I should have posted this to misc@openbsd.org - which Ill do in the evening..)
  • Yes. i know the offical 'cd format' is copyrighted ( what a crock ) and i can make my own if i want to go thru all that work and have the time.

    But i dont..

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