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Busy BSD: New FreeBSD Status Report 49

edhall cut-and-pastes "After a six-month hiatus, a new FreeBSD Status Report has just been issued, along with a promise to resume its bi-monthly publication. As the report itself makes obvious, a lot has happened over the last six months. Progress has been happening along many fronts; those groups making reports include: [snip] These are, of course, just the projects that remembered to send in a report -- there are many more ongoing efforts than listed here; see this page for a fuller but not necessarily complete list (you'll note that there are status reports for projects not listed there, such as the AMD64 port)."
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Busy BSD: New FreeBSD Status Report

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  • by Anonymous Coward
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  • I like the headline. Kudos.
  • Some of my favorites included in the list are:

    AMD64 port
    Java Project
    ACPI Status Report
    FreeBSD ports monitoring system

    Just to be a little off-topic, while installing my new Highpoint 1540 SATA RAID controller this afternoon, I noticed an option to mount (yeah, "man mount". I read the article, too.) in the man pages that I hadn't noticed before, mount -o snapshot lets you mount up a snapshot of a filesystem.

    I'm sure it's been around forever, but it's new to me! Check it out. It appears to just about rival

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