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BSD Operating Systems

Running .NET on FreeBSD? 36

Dan writes "Interesting read on running .NET on FreeBSD. Chip Morton thinks this could be very beneficial to FreeBSD or any OS to have a fully functional .NET CLR (Common Language Runtime) environment. With over 9,000 files, and including some 1300 public classes to pore through, the Shared Source CLI (Common Language Infrastructure) can teach you quite a bit about the internal workings of the CLR. This relevant MSDN article discusses some of the things you can learn from the source code facsimile of the CLR, like how JIT compilation works. One thing that the CLI specification does not mandate is that managed code has to run on Windows. To prove this point, Microsoft built the Shared Source CLI to compile and run on FreeBSD Unix as well as Windows XP."
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Running .NET on FreeBSD?

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  • Old News (Score:4, Insightful)

    by Mark Pitman ( 1610 ) on Friday April 11, 2003 @11:39AM (#5710868) Homepage
    And this is news because???? The article on MSDN was posted in July of 2002! Is there something new about Rotor on BSD that I am missing?
    • Re:Old News (Score:3, Informative)

      by glenstar ( 569572 )
      Unfortunately...no. And to add insult to injury, I found it impossible to actually build Rotor on FreeBSD (most likely something with my system configuration). However, Mono compiles flawlessly, so if you want to go that route it works very well.
  • You can only run .net on BSD if you are emulating it under a licensed Windows .Net Server

    Anyone else this there is going to be some kind of gotcha??
    • no catch! this is actually the point of the .NET framework, right once, run anywhere, what Java tried, and never quite achieved :(

      The only 'catch' is that there needs to be a native virtual machine, which most platforms (apart from MS) don't have yet, but check out the Mono project for a Linux implementation.

      • Mono works on FreeBSD-i386. I've been using it off and on for several months.

        The only real "catch" is the Windows.Forms libraries (this affects mono on Linux as well). You basically need Wine or something for them. Otherwise, for GUI stuff, you can use gtk#.
      • what Java tried, and never quite achieved

        And of course, .NET hasn't achieved it either. Same overblown hype different framework.
      • I hope you don't really think there's no catch. It doesn't matter what language or platform you choose, there's always a catch. The catch may not be relevant to your project, but there's always a catch.

        There's still alot of catches in there, like how would ADO.NET work? Yes, I know ADO.NET isn't part of CL and is a library build on .NET. You have to ask yourself, "How am I going to connect to a database? What kind of databases have ADO.NET support? How can I leverage existing libraries written in other lan

      • right once, run anywhere, what Java tried, and never quite achieved :(

        Stop modding the FUD up. The last time I checked Java ran on everything from stamp [systronix.com] to Windows, Linux, Solaris, [sun.com] Macintosh [apple.com], Palm [superwaba.org], even OS/2 [ibm.com].

        So what does .NET run on? Windows, Linux, maybe BSD. And even then the GUI stuff isn't portable (by design BTW).

        DONT SPREAD THE FUD. Java is far more portable then .NET ever will be.

  • by DrSkwid ( 118965 ) on Friday April 11, 2003 @12:13PM (#5711130) Homepage Journal
    Lucent made a product called Inferno


    it virtualizes the whole of the OS, not just a few APIs

    it had a graphics context as well

    it hijacks the hosted environment, running in a window or runs natively on hardware either way they are the same.

    Socket programming, pah who needs it, all we need are file descriptors and auto-selecting files

    it's all there

    the source code is only available for a fee

    it's really what Java & .NET should be but they aren't and it is
  • by Anonymous Coward on Friday April 11, 2003 @12:23PM (#5711201)
    Is because Microsoft needs FreeBSD to run Hotmail's backend.

  • by ubiquitin ( 28396 ) on Friday April 11, 2003 @02:27PM (#5712161) Homepage Journal
    Call me skeptical, but did occur to anyone else that Microsoft picked FreeBSD because
    1) they despise the GPL for what it represents and
    2) Mono [go-mono.com] is being developed on Linux?

    Don't get me wrong, I run several FreeBSD servers and prefer the ports system over RPM. It just unnerves me when the Microsoft marketing machine starts mucking around on my chosen platform.

    As a postscript, you all should be aware that PHP may well become the best platform for deploying .NET. Here's why [php.net] and here's why [userland.com] this is irrelevant.
    • "Don't get me wrong, I run several FreeBSD servers and prefer the ports system over RPM."

      Linux has now stolen the ports system and done a pretty good job of it becuase RPM does indeed fellate not only donkeys, but dead donkeys.

      I will not be kicking BSD off my server any time soon, but for a desktop Gentoo (and indeed Source Mage, Lunar Linux, the no-longer-GPL Sourcery, and to a lesser extent Debian) is pretty polished.
  • .NET is dying. Its OS has been renamed Windows 2003 for a reason. Everyones building Javabeans for J2EE, backed by heavyweights like IBM and Oracle and Sun. Why is the most distant-from-Microsoft OS dignifying .NET now?

    Next they will release the gcsp compiler.. for C#. sourceforge.NET will have a new meaning. Heck I even keep away from C++, building even GUIs with ANSI C 99 with function pointer arrays. Stick to traditions!

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