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FreeBSD GNOME Project Site Open For Business 41

Joe Marcus Clarke writes: "The FreeBSD GNOME project is proud to announce the opening of our project site. This site is devoted to the GNOME desktop and its development on FreeBSD." While the port is an ongoing project, quite a few applications are ready, as are instructions on putting GNOME on your FreeBSD box.
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FreeBSD GNOME Project Site Open For Business

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  • I'm assuming that someone is porting the mono project to FreeBSD also. Should be interesting.
  • So what was so difficult about (cd /usr/ports/gnome; make install),

    • that's what I was thinking.

      %ls -d /var/db/pkg/gnome*

      mind you I've never tried to run Gnome proper, enlightenment is my WM and I feel no compunction to change.
    • by Arandir ( 19206 ) on Tuesday February 12, 2002 @03:29PM (#2995675) Homepage Journal
      Difficulty #1: Gnome is written for Linux. Since FreeBSD doesn't follow the LSB (or what Gnome thinks the LSB should be), there are of course problems. Nautilus simply couldn't build under FreeBSD for the longest time.

      Difficulty #2: Gnome is written for Linux. Linuxisms abound in Gnome. To be fair, they abound in KDE as well, thus the existence of the FreeBSD KDE Project. Instead of submitting endless bug reports to Gnome, only to see them closed as "not a problem on my Debian box", I suspect the FGP will do much of this work fixing themselves, then submitting the patches to Gnome.

      Difficulty #3: This is still FreeBSD, after all. Someone has to maintain these ports. Since there's quite a few of them (and more being gobbled up by the 'g' prefix every day) it only stands to reason to have a central point of portage.
      • 1. Nautilus wasn't working on FreeBSD but was on Sun Solaris. Weird, huh?

        2. Could you please point out some "Linuxisms"? I'm curious.

        • Nautilus compiles and runs afaik, but is a bit shaky.

          I ran make install in and Gnumric and Nautilus ports trees just to see it, and it compiled instantly and
          ran. Both of them, with no Gnome installed before.
          (about a month ago btw)

          However IMAP functionality of Nautilus crashed, GNumeric ran fine.

  • I will not be installing gnome bloatware^H^H^H^H^H^H^H^H^Hcomponents on my workstation.

  • lets see if we can make a BSD story reach double digits in the number of posts!

    (intended to be funny, not insulting)...
  • Finally (Score:3, Interesting)

    by Anonymous Coward on Monday February 11, 2002 @08:41PM (#2991240)
    After reading the problems certain users have had with GNOME I welcome a FreeBSD/GNOME site. Many Linux users don't realise just how based on Linux a few core GNOME components really are.

    One good example is the nautilus port. Not only did it take a long time to appear in the ports tree it still has a few problems (especially stability) on my FreeBSD-4.x systems.

    I think this site will also benefit Linux users because patches will most probably flow back into GNOME and make it more portable for other systems and expand the user base of many important projects, i.e. nautilus, evolution, etc.

    • Portable code. (Score:1, Insightful)

      by Anonymous Coward
      GNOME is an example of what happens when you try to clone Microsoft.

      You get bloated, non-portable code.
      • Re:Portable code. (Score:3, Interesting)

        by aphor ( 99965 )

        This makes no sense, in a non sequitur way that pretends to know about software development.

        GNOME is an example of what happens when you try to clone Microsoft.

        You get bloated, non-portable code.

        In actuality, the reason Gnome is bloated is that making modular reusable code isn't easy. How general/compatible do you make the component functions/classes? How autonomous/integrated should you make your application? Which libraries should you depend on, and which should you rewrite? The reason Gnome isn't portable is that in order to simplify the above problem, inadvertently or on purpose, developers tend to forget about other platforms (system dependencies) and concentrate on application dependencies. It's a symptom of just how hard these problems are. We have some lofty goals for our software these days, please pardon them for getting it somewhat wrong while they figure out how to do things.
  • by Jayson ( 2343 ) <jnordwick&gmail,com> on Tuesday February 12, 2002 @01:53AM (#2992637) Homepage
    There are two great way to install on FreeBSD:
    pkg_add -r gnome
    or for those of you who like source:
    cd /usr/ports/x11/gnome; make install
    To upgrade application gnome-app:
    portupgrade -r gnome-app
    You might also want to install the package/port called gnome-fifth-toe, since that will include things like Gnumeric, GNUCash, Gimp, etc....

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