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BSD Operating Systems

August Issue of Daemon News Now Live 7

questionlp writes: "The great writers and editors of Daemon News has just released the August issue of the Daemon News e-Zine. The topics covered this month include: the NetBSD rc.d system, two security guides aimed at FreeBSD, the monthly Answerman Q&A section, and tuning of a FreeBSD system for high-performance."
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August Issue of Daemon News Now Live

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  • Can FreeBSD be installed from an ext2 partition ?

    Installed *from* an ext2 partition? Hmmm... No, I don't think so. Ext2 is not enabled by default on the boot kernels. However, there are still about a dozen ways to install it. From MS-DOS, QIC, NFS, FTP, floppies, and the cdrom. I have installed from ftp, and it works quite nicely. If you have a good connection, I would try that.

    Does StarOffice 5.2 work under FreeBSD ?

    Yes. It's what I use until KOffice gets finished.

    Is there a journaling file system (or something equivalent) in FreeBSD ? If yes how can you use it ?

    SoftUpdates is an option for FreeBSD UFS file systems. It's not a true journaling FS, but it has most of the features one would want. Simply turn it one when you create your UFS partitions.

    I heard that the file system is slow compared to Linux. Is that true ?

    Unless you're running benchmarks are copying 20,000 tiny files, you won't be able to tell the difference. Seriously. But if you do want good benchmark numbers, then turn on SoftUpdates.

    How much space would take a typical installation ? (for desktop usage)

    What do you need for an equivalent Linux install? Use the same numbers, and give your take a 100K. On my system right now I'm using 2.7 Gigs, and that's the OS, KDE, full sources, backups, mp3's, wallpapers, etc. You could definitely fit a desktop system comfortably into 1-2G.

    How easy is upgrading from one release to the next ? (As opposed to reinstalling from scratch)

    If you're not adverse to reading the documentation, it's not hard at all. I've never done a "binary" upgrade, but an upgrade building from source is relatively straightforward (if you RTFM).

    Is it possible to "update" the port collection that comes with a release to get the latest versions of software ?

    Of course! I use cvsup to update my ports on a weekly basis. Then I run pkg_version to see what's new, and portupgrade to update any ports.
  • by j_d ( 26865 )
    I can't wait to rely on slashdot for all of my e-zine subscription needs!
  • s/has/have/ in the first sentence.

    I was typing out the article submission too fast while working on something else. ugh.
  • Please remember, yet another crippling bombshell hit the beleaguered Troll community when last month the FBI confirmed that Trolls account for less than a fraction of 1 percent of all netizens. Coming on top of of the latest Netcraft survey which plainly states that Trolls have lost more market share, this news serves to reinforce what we've known all along. Trolls are collapsing in complete disarray, as further exemplified by failing dead last in the recent ZDNet comprehensive networking test.

    You don't need to be a Ms. Cleo [] to predict a Trolls future. The hand writing is on the wall: Trolls face a bleak future. In fact there won't be any future at all for Trolls because Trolls are dying. Things are looking very bad for Trolls. As many of us are already aware, Trolls continue to lose market share. Green ink flows like a river of blood. Anonymous Trolls are the most endangered of them all.

    Let's keep to the facts and look at the numbers.

    Troll leader AC states that there are 7000 Anonymous Trolls. How many Trolls with names are there? Let's see. The number of Anonymous versus Named posts on /. is roughly in ratio of 5 to 1. Therefore there are about 7000/5 = 1400 Trolls with names. Fake Troll posts on /. are about half of the volume of Named Troll posts. Therefore there are about 700 Trolls with fake names. A recent article put /. Editorial Trolls at about 80 percent of the Troll market. Therefore there are (7000+1400+700)*4 = 36400 Editorial Trolls. This is consistent with the number of Editorial Troll /. posts.

    Due to the troubles of Trolling, abysmal sales and so on, CompuServ went out of business and was taken over by AOL who sells another troubled product to Trolls. Now AOL is also dead, its corpse turned over to another Troll-Lover.

    All major surveys show that Trolling has steadily declined in market share. Trolling is very sick and its long term survival prospects are very dim. If Trolling is to survive at all it will be among Anonymous hobbyist dabblers. Trolling continues to decay. Nothing short of a miracle could save it at this point in time. For all practical purposes, Trolls are dead. (and if they don't die, I will kill them).

  • No, because I was all busy chillin in the clubs with Taco.

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    If I see her again, I'm definitely getting her number...or another handful...or both.
  • Haven't you posted this message several times already in other threads?
  • This is not unlike the Trolling comments that are often seen on the freebsd mailling list. bsdvault did an aricle last week on trolls that spawned much talk and controversy. Waste of time to comment on the above... []

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