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Theo's Thoughts 9

The European Unix Platform e-zine is running an interview with Theo de Raadt (OpenBSD head honcho) in which he talks a little about his thoughts on the WC/BSDI merger, embedded OpenBSD, and the openssh.{com,org} dispute. Alex de Joode, also involved in the dispute, has written a reply to Theo's points.
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Theo's Thoughts

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  • I've come to love OpenBSD and have *tremendous* respect for the development team (IPF on OpenBSD rocks!). However, reading what I've been able to see of the exchanges 'tween Theo and Alex, I can't help but wonder if the OpenSSH guys aren't being a little inflexible.

    OTOH, from what I've seen, Theo's not known for his patience; he's a straightforward, blunt, no-bullshit kinda guy (as is not uncommon amongst brilliant coder types :). Could just be that Alex is putting a smoother front on the whole issue.

    Wasn't there talk of Emmett here from /. doing a story on the whole thing? Would be nice to get a feel for what went down.

    More importantly, it would be *very* nice for the folks involved to get everything sorted out :)

  • I've come to love OpenBSD and have *tremendous* respect for the development team (IPF on OpenBSD rocks!).

    Isn't IPF (assuming that stands for IP Filter) written by a third party [] not associated with OpenBSD? Certainly, IPF on OpenBSD does rock, but so does IPF on FreeBSD, IPF on NetBSD, etc...

  • A: I think that the most important directions outside of general and continual i386 device driver enhancements, are for hardware IPSEC support, ultrasparc, and SMP. If these become a reality(especially SMP) I don't see any reasons to use any other OS, Linux included.
  • Yep, most definitely, certainly didn't mean to imply that IPF was exclusive to OpenBSD (which I sorta did). I just really like my firewall is all.

    I've got *tremendous* respect and gratitude towards Darren Reed, too :)

  • Yes you are correct. ipf is written by Darren Reed. and ipf runs on many platforms. It was written for OpenBSD.
  • ...article from one of the industry's biggest misfits.

    DeRaadt has the attitude and social skills of a mule who's been repeatedly kicked in the nuts.

    It's too bad, really...OpenBSD would benefit enormously from a congenial and thoughtful spokesperson...not the detrimental egotist many of us find ourselves using the OS in spite of.

  • It was written for OpenBSD.

    According to the copyright in the source, it was written in 1993. OpenBSD wasn't around until 1995... so, I doubt it was originally written for OpenBSD :) (wasn't imported into OpenBSD [] until 1996, BTW).

  • You'd think as much.. But then you just look at the GNU project. RMS was and largely still is the spokesperson for all-things-GNU and many-things-Free-Software.

    And he comes off strongly too. Very strongly. But I wouldn't say that the GNU project has suffered from it. Having someone behind it who won't take shite, and will stick to their ideals and to their guns. There's always more appealing types to talk to in these areas (like ESR over RMS), but as far as a leader goes.. Well you need someone hardcore.
  • by Anonymous Coward
    I totally agree. I had offered to donate an AlphaServer to Theo. He replied with some questions, I answered back, then I never heard from him again. Hello, Theo? Extremely rude considering the fact that I was offering hardware to the OpenBSD'ers after that slashdot article (OpenBSD needs Alphas). With etiquette like that, I decided that I'd rather donate it to the NetBSD guys and they've been totally professional and friendly about it.

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