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Tuesday August 04, 2015 @11:44AM EFF and MuckRock Need Your Help Tracking Biometric Surveillance
Sunday June 21, 2015 @11:45PM Dallas Police Falsely Credit TrapWire System For Arrests
Thursday June 18, 2015 @08:52AM E-Detective Spy Tool Used By Police and Governments Has Major Security Holes
Monday June 15, 2015 @03:46AM Police Scanning Every Face At UK Download Festival
Sunday June 14, 2015 @01:42AM Amazon Publishes Opaque Transparency Report
Thursday June 11, 2015 @10:13AM Fake Mobile Phone Towers Found To Be "Actively Listening In" On Calls In UK
Saturday May 23, 2015 @01:13AM The Body Cam Hacker Who Schooled the Police
Thursday May 07, 2015 @07:33AM What To Say When the Police Tell You To Stop Filming Them
Tuesday May 05, 2015 @08:37AM US Gov't Will Reveal More About Its Secret Cellphone Tracking Devices
Monday April 06, 2015 @12:45PM Snapchat Joins the Gang, Releases Transparency Report
Monday March 30, 2015 @06:03PM Secret Service Plans New Fence, Full Scale White House Replica, But No Moat
Friday March 13, 2015 @11:07PM Wikipedia Entries On NYPD Violence Get Some Edits From Headquarters
Saturday February 07, 2015 @06:01PM Swatting 19-Year-Old Arrested in Las Vegas
Saturday February 07, 2015 @03:33PM NYPD Creates Fake Social Media Profiles To Track Loud Parties, Underage Drinking
Tuesday February 03, 2015 @05:09PM Art Project Causes Atlanta Police To Close Highway and Call Bomb Squad
Tuesday January 20, 2015 @01:46PM Police Nation-Wide Use Wall-Penetrating Radars To Peer Into Homes
Wednesday December 24, 2014 @11:23PM Study: Police Body-Cams Reduce Unacceptable Use of Force
Thursday November 13, 2014 @01:21PM After Silk Road 2.0 Shutdown, Rival Dark Net Markets Grow Quickly
Tuesday November 04, 2014 @09:13AM Ford Develops a Way To Monitor Police Driving
Sunday November 02, 2014 @08:43PM Ferguson No-Fly Zone Revealed As Anti-Media Tactic
Monday October 27, 2014 @01:56PM CHP Officers Steal, Forward Nude Pictures From Arrestee Smartphones
Saturday October 18, 2014 @01:51PM Florida Supreme Court: Police Can't Grab Cell Tower Data Without a Warrant
Wednesday October 01, 2014 @10:18AM Which Cars Get the Most Traffic Tickets?
Tuesday September 02, 2014 @12:11PM Kernel Developer Dmitry Monakhov Arrested For Protesting Ukraine Invasion
Monday August 11, 2014 @08:32AM San Jose Police Apologize For Hiding Drone Program, Halts Until Further Review
Saturday July 26, 2014 @09:20AM Private Data On iOS Devices Not So Private After All
Thursday July 10, 2014 @01:59PM Police Recording Confirms NYPD Flew At a Drone and Never Feared Crashing
Tuesday July 08, 2014 @08:09AM Police Using Dogs To Sniff Out Computer Memory
Thursday July 03, 2014 @04:24PM Use of Encryption Foiled the Cops a Record 9 Times In 2013
Thursday July 03, 2014 @11:35AM Judge Frees "Cannibal Cop" Who Shared His Fantasies Online
Tuesday July 01, 2014 @11:44AM Baton Bob Strikes Back Against Police That Coerced Facebook Post From Him
Thursday June 12, 2014 @05:28PM US Pushing Local Police To Keep Quiet On Cell-Phone Surveillance Technology
Thursday June 05, 2014 @05:34PM US Marshals Seize Police Stingray Records To Keep Them From the ACLU
Saturday May 31, 2014 @10:30PM LAPD Gets Some Hand-Me-Down Drones From Seattle, Promises Discretion
Tuesday May 06, 2014 @11:18AM Police Departments Using Car Tracking Database Sworn To Secrecy
Friday April 18, 2014 @06:51PM Peoria Mayor Sends Police To Track Down Twitter Parodist
Friday April 11, 2014 @08:00PM Can You Buy a License To Speed In California?
Sunday March 23, 2014 @06:24PM L.A. Police: All Cars In L.A. Are Under Investigation
Thursday February 13, 2014 @11:03AM Australian Police Deploy 3D Crime Scene Scanner
Saturday February 08, 2014 @03:47PM Cops With Google Glass: Horrible Idea, Or Good One?
Thursday December 26, 2013 @04:54PM Houston Expands Downtown Surveillance, Unsure If It Helps
Saturday December 14, 2013 @05:55PM Boston Police Stop Scanning Registration Plates, For Now
Tuesday December 10, 2013 @11:49AM British Police Censor the Global Internet
Wednesday October 30, 2013 @12:46PM Police Use James-Bond-Style GPS Bullet
Thursday October 03, 2013 @02:05PM French Police To Switch 72,000 Desktop PCs To Linux
Friday June 21, 2013 @10:26PM Report: Not Just For Tabloids; UK Privacy-Invading Hackers Widespread
Tuesday June 18, 2013 @08:16AM Supreme Court Decides Your Silence May Be Used Against You
Thursday May 23, 2013 @09:51AM French Police End Missing Persons Searches, Suggest Using Facebook
Saturday May 18, 2013 @10:17AM Fed. Appeals Court Says Police Need Warrant to Search Phone
Wednesday May 08, 2013 @06:00PM US DOJ Say They Don't Need Warrants For E-Mail, Chats
Monday May 06, 2013 @08:02AM "Terrorist" Lyrics Land High Schooler In Jail
Friday April 26, 2013 @12:09PM Kenya Police: Our Fake Bomb Detectors Are Real
Friday April 26, 2013 @10:56AM NYC Police Comm'r: Privacy Is 'Off the Table' After Boston Bombs
Tuesday April 23, 2013 @08:19AM RCMP Says Terror Plot Against Canadian Trains Thwarted
Sunday April 21, 2013 @06:09PM Japanese Police Urge ISPs To Block Tor
Friday April 19, 2013 @08:57PM Police Capture Second Marathon Bombing Suspect in Watertown, Mass.
Tuesday April 16, 2013 @09:21AM Boston Officials Did Not Shut Down Cell Network After Marathon Bombing
Thursday March 21, 2013 @08:33AM FAA Grants Arlington Texas Police Department Permission To Fly UAVs
Thursday March 07, 2013 @02:13PM Texas Bills Would Bar Warrantless Snooping On Phone Location
Friday February 22, 2013 @06:54PM Apple Now Working With the NYPD To Curb iPhone Thefts
Tuesday January 29, 2013 @09:46AM Machine Gun Fire From Military Helicopters Flying Over Downtown Miami
Saturday January 05, 2013 @04:07AM Facebook Lands Drunk Driving Teen In Jail
Tuesday December 25, 2012 @12:59PM NYPD To Identify 'Deranged' Gunmen Through Internet Chatter
Thursday December 13, 2012 @11:11AM New Hampshire Cops Use Taser On Woman Buying Too Many iPhones
Monday October 22, 2012 @07:47AM Facebook Won't Take Down Undercover Cop Page In Australia
Friday October 12, 2012 @06:03PM Seattle Police Want More Drones, Even While Two Sit Unused
Sunday September 30, 2012 @12:50PM EU Privacy Watchdog To ICANN: Law Enforcement WHOIS Demands "Unlawful"
Monday September 17, 2012 @02:36PM Pirate Bay Co-Founder Detained In Sweden
Friday September 14, 2012 @10:22PM Cameras To Watch Cameras In Maryland
Friday September 14, 2012 @08:35PM Twitter Hands Over Messages At Heart of Occupy Case
Thursday September 06, 2012 @01:59PM Dutch Police Ask 8000+ Citizens To Provide Their DNA
Monday August 27, 2012 @01:50PM Photo Reveals UK Plan: "Assange To Be Arrested Under All Circumstances"
Friday August 10, 2012 @08:24PM Minneapolis Police Catalog License Plates and Location Data
Friday August 10, 2012 @06:42PM Training Cops To Use Social Media Information
Friday July 27, 2012 @10:54AM Man Claims Cell Phone Taken By DC Police For Taking Photos
Friday July 20, 2012 @06:36PM Judge: Cops Can Impersonate Owner Of Seized Cell Phones
Sunday July 08, 2012 @01:52PM NY Couple On "Wanted" Poster For Filming Police
Thursday May 31, 2012 @08:42AM VA Governor Wants Military Drones For Police
Thursday May 17, 2012 @08:26AM UK Police Roll Out On-the-Spot Mobile Data Extraction System
Sunday May 13, 2012 @12:15PM Aussie Police Consider Using Automated Spy Drones
Tuesday April 24, 2012 @12:28PM Australia's Largest Police Force Accused of Widespread Piracy
Tuesday April 03, 2012 @09:07AM Supreme Court Approves Strip Searches For Any Arrestable Offense
Tuesday April 03, 2012 @08:27AM UK Police Investigate Alleged Phorm Lunch With Officer
Thursday March 15, 2012 @02:10PM Stolen iPad's Reported Location Not Enough To Warrant Search, Say Dutch Police
Friday March 09, 2012 @09:43PM Drones, Dogs and the Future of Privacy
Saturday March 03, 2012 @07:40AM Cook County Judge Says Law Banning Recording Police Is Unconstitutional
Thursday February 09, 2012 @09:04AM FAA Bill Authorizes Surveillance Drones Over US
Wednesday February 08, 2012 @08:01PM Pasadena Police Encrypt, Deny Access To Police Radio
Friday January 20, 2012 @08:42PM NYPD Developing Portable Body Scanner For Detecting Guns
Wednesday January 04, 2012 @06:18PM Court OKs Barring High IQs For Cops
Monday December 26, 2011 @01:46PM LAPD Surveillance Cameras Go Unused
Friday October 21, 2011 @06:31AM French Court Orders ISP To Block Police Misconduct Website
Thursday October 13, 2011 @01:33PM Dutch ISP Files Police Complaint Against Spamhaus
Tuesday October 11, 2011 @08:21AM California Governor Vetoes Ban On Warrantless Phone Searches
Thursday October 06, 2011 @08:34AM Calif. Appeals Court Approves Cell Phone Searches
Thursday September 29, 2011 @09:07AM Conflict Between Occupy Wall Street Protestors and NYPD Escalating
Tuesday September 20, 2011 @08:19AM Atlanta's Growing Video Surveillance System
Monday August 29, 2011 @07:09AM Mass. Court Says Constitution Protects Filming On-Duty Police
Friday August 26, 2011 @07:11AM Social Media a Threat To Undercover Cops
Monday August 22, 2011 @03:50PM When Schools Are the Police
Saturday August 13, 2011 @11:35PM After Cell-Phone Switch-Off, Anonymous Promises BART Protest
Thursday August 04, 2011 @07:54PM Online Parody Cartoon Targeted For Prosecution
Friday July 15, 2011 @07:38AM App Uses Facial Profiling To Identify Perps
Sunday June 26, 2011 @02:30PM Off-Duty Police Officer Steals iPad From TSA Checkpoint
Friday June 24, 2011 @06:15PM LulzSec Document Dump Shows Cops' Fear of iPhones
Saturday June 11, 2011 @08:28AM Court Case To Test Legality of Recording the Police With Your Cell Phone
Sunday June 05, 2011 @08:13AM Man Ordered At Gunpoint To Hand Over Phone For Recording Cops
Friday May 20, 2011 @06:34PM German Police Seize German Pirate Party Servers
Friday May 13, 2011 @07:48PM New Bill Would Require US ISPs To Retain User Info
Tuesday May 10, 2011 @01:14PM Police Recruiting Drug Users to Help Identify High Suspects
Friday May 06, 2011 @07:39PM A New Human-Seeking Drone, Much Cheaper Than a Predator
Thursday April 28, 2011 @01:19PM GPS Maker TomTom Submits Your Speed Data To Police
Wednesday April 20, 2011 @04:40AM Michigan Police Could Search Cell Phones During Traffic Stops
Saturday April 16, 2011 @05:45PM Judge Rules That Police Can Bar High I.Q. Scores
Tuesday March 22, 2011 @09:38PM Senators To Apple: Pull iPhone DUI-Check Alerts
Friday March 18, 2011 @12:22PM Microsoft Conducts Massive Botnet Takedown Action
Saturday March 05, 2011 @03:54PM Leave a Message, Go To Jail
Tuesday February 22, 2011 @06:10AM Police Chief Teaches Parents To Keylog Kids
Thursday December 16, 2010 @09:31AM Scotland Yard Has Been After Anonymous For Months
Tuesday October 19, 2010 @01:27PM 'Officer Bubbles' Sues YouTube Commenters Over Mockery
Thursday October 14, 2010 @01:32PM UK Police Force Posts All Its Calls On Twitter
Tuesday September 21, 2010 @11:49PM Interpol Chief's Identity Spoofed On Facebook
Sunday September 19, 2010 @08:25AM Criminal Charges Against Speed Trap Tweeter
Friday September 17, 2010 @10:24PM In Canada, Criminal Libel Charges Laid For Criticizing Police
Thursday September 09, 2010 @07:24PM Swedish Police Shoe Database May Tread On Copyright
Tuesday September 07, 2010 @08:53AM Pirate Bay Down; Police Raids Across Europe
Thursday August 12, 2010 @12:59PM Online Forum Speeding Boast Leads To Conviction
Friday August 06, 2010 @05:27PM Court Rejects Warrantless GPS Tracking
Wednesday August 04, 2010 @11:33AM Denials Aside, Feds Storing Body Scan Images
Tuesday July 27, 2010 @03:35AM Facing 16 Years In Prison For Videotaping Police
Wednesday June 23, 2010 @01:28PM Dutch Police Fighting Anti-Semite Attacks With "Decoy Jews"
Wednesday June 09, 2010 @01:08PM Anti-Speed Camera Activist Buys Police Department's Web Domain
Sunday June 06, 2010 @09:18PM Australian Police Ask Facebook For Police Alarm Button
Thursday June 03, 2010 @05:33PM Guess My Speed and Give Me a Ticket, In Ohio
Thursday June 03, 2010 @01:49PM Police Officers Seek Right Not To Be Recorded
Friday May 21, 2010 @10:36PM Russian Man Aims To Reinvent "Taser" Technology
Thursday April 22, 2010 @05:04PM Seattle Hacker Catches Cops Who Hid Arrest Tapes
Saturday April 03, 2010 @11:42AM Twins' DNA Foils Police
Friday March 19, 2010 @07:16PM "Computer Glitch" Responsible For 50 Raids On Retirees' Home
Tuesday March 02, 2010 @08:50AM UK Police Promise Not To Retain DNA Data, But Do Anyway
Thursday February 11, 2010 @03:21PM Armed Robot Drones To Join UK Police Force
Monday January 18, 2010 @03:38AM Police In Britain Arrest Man For Bomb-Threat Joke On Twitter
Wednesday January 06, 2010 @03:01AM Slovak Police Planted Explosives On Air Travelers
Tuesday December 15, 2009 @09:59PM Israeli Border Police Shoot US Student's Laptop
Tuesday November 24, 2009 @01:35PM Inside England and Wales' DNA Regime
Saturday November 14, 2009 @11:41PM Russian Whistleblower Cop On YouTube
Tuesday November 21, 2006 @02:09PM Students Put UCLA Taser Video On YouTube
Monday November 13, 2006 @08:15AM Youtube Video Prompts FBI Probe of LAPD
Wednesday August 02, 2006 @01:02PM Children Arrested, DNA Tested for Playing in a Tree?
Sunday April 16, 2006 @11:12PM Cops Walking the MySpace Beat
Saturday February 18, 2006 @04:14PM Houston Police Chief Wants Cameras in Homes

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