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Friday May 15, 2015 @09:04AM Ask Slashdot: What Is the Best Open Document Format?
Thursday April 02, 2015 @08:49AM UK Forces Microsoft To Adopt Open Document Standards
Friday January 16, 2015 @10:31PM Andy Wolber Explores Online Word Processors' ODF Support
Tuesday December 16, 2014 @07:36PM An early gift: ODF support in Google Drive
Thursday July 24, 2014 @09:21AM U.K. Cabinet Office Adopts ODF as Exclusive Standard for Sharable Documents
Wednesday July 23, 2014 @12:58PM UK Cabinet Office Adopts ODF As Exclusive Standard For Sharable Documents
Wednesday July 02, 2014 @09:49AM WebODF: JavaScript Open Document Format Editor Deemed Stable
Thursday April 17, 2014 @10:21AM Apache OpenOffice Reaches 100 Million Downloads. Now What?
Friday March 07, 2014 @07:37AM KDE Releases Calligra Suite 2.8
Wednesday January 29, 2014 @07:30PM UK Government May Switch from MS Office to Open Source
Monday December 16, 2013 @07:34PM Owncloud 6 Brings Collaborative Open Document Format Editing to the Web
Friday August 02, 2013 @06:19AM KDE Releases Calligra 2.7
Tuesday July 23, 2013 @12:29PM Apache OpenOffice 4.0 Released with major new features
Tuesday May 28, 2013 @11:33PM Aussie Government Proposes OpenDocument As the Standard Format
Saturday March 23, 2013 @09:31PM KDE's Calligra Office Suite For Android Released
Saturday March 23, 2013 @09:24PM KDE's Calligra office suite for Android released
Tuesday October 09, 2012 @07:20AM Google doesn't support OpenDocument Format
Tuesday August 14, 2012 @05:51PM Office To Become Fully Open XML Compliant (at Last)
Friday February 24, 2012 @04:52AM Australian Govt Re-Kindles Office File Format War
Tuesday September 28, 2010 @10:24AM Declares Independence From Oracle, Becomes LibreOffice
Tuesday September 21, 2010 @06:48AM Europe embraces Open Document format
Tuesday February 23, 2010 @08:18PM Avoiding a Digital Dark Age
Friday January 29, 2010 @08:00PM Denmark Chooses OpenDocument Format
Tuesday September 29, 2009 @09:24AM Cracking Open the SharePoint Fortress
Thursday May 21, 2009 @08:05AM ODF Alliance Warns Governments About Office 2007 ODF Support
Friday November 07, 2008 @08:35PM ODF Toolkit Announced
Monday October 06, 2008 @08:43AM Microsoft Bids To Take Over Open Document Format
Monday June 30, 2008 @05:44PM Microsoft Releases Pre-2007 Binary File Format Specs
Monday June 02, 2008 @10:21AM Denmark Becomes Fourth Nation To Protest OOXML
Friday May 23, 2008 @01:00PM South Africa Appeals ISO Decision On OOXML
Friday March 28, 2008 @01:20PM Possible Manipulation of OOXML Process In Poland
Thursday January 24, 2008 @06:31AM Saving in OOXML Format Now Probably A Bad Idea
Wednesday January 16, 2008 @05:16AM Study Touting OOXML Over ODF Is Debunked
Sunday December 23, 2007 @02:59AM Norway Mandates Government Use of ODF and PDF
Tuesday December 11, 2007 @07:40AM Dutch ODF Plan Could Sideline Microsoft
Tuesday November 27, 2007 @11:11AM France Leading Charge Against OOXML
Sunday November 11, 2007 @07:36PM OpenDocument Foundation Closes
Tuesday October 30, 2007 @06:56PM OpenDocument Foundation To Drop ODF
Monday October 29, 2007 @05:42PM GNOME Foundation Helping OOXML?
Friday October 19, 2007 @08:20AM Do OpenOffice Users Save In Microsoft Format?
Monday October 01, 2007 @04:40AM Michael Meeks On ODF and OOXML
Tuesday September 18, 2007 @03:10AM Google Pleased With ISO OOXML Decision
Friday August 17, 2007 @11:54PM ODF Vs. OOXML File Counts On the Web
Thursday August 16, 2007 @12:55PM Google Pack Adds StarOffice
Tuesday August 07, 2007 @05:31PM Open Standards Initiative Fails in Massachusetts
Tuesday July 31, 2007 @11:02PM Does ODF Have a Future?
Sunday July 08, 2007 @05:01AM Sun Releases ODF Plugin for MS Office
Wednesday June 27, 2007 @01:11PM Two standards - more choice, or less?
Monday June 04, 2007 @11:13AM Pro-ODF Legislation Loses In Six States
Thursday May 17, 2007 @03:12PM Microsoft Votes to Add ODF to ANSI Standards List
Friday April 20, 2007 @01:10PM Sun Asks China to Merge its Doc Format With ODF
Tuesday April 17, 2007 @07:07PM Microsoft's 'Men in Black' Kill Florida Open Standards Legislation
Sunday April 08, 2007 @09:05PM Microsoft Opposing California Open Doc Bill
Friday March 09, 2007 @11:46AM Building an ODF Intranet Portal?
Monday March 05, 2007 @11:25AM ODF Threat to Microsoft in US Governments Grows
Saturday March 03, 2007 @01:51AM California Joins Open Document Bandwagon
Saturday February 24, 2007 @04:00PM Opera CTO Hits Back at Microsoft's Standards Push
Thursday February 15, 2007 @07:53PM Microsoft :ODF Inferior to OOXML, Bad for Industry
Thursday February 15, 2007 @07:53PM Microsoft Posts Open Letter on Open XML & ODF
Wednesday February 07, 2007 @05:20PM Texas Bill For Open Documents
Saturday February 03, 2007 @03:51PM Open XML Translator for Microsoft Word Available
Thursday January 18, 2007 @07:50PM Docvert 3.0 Lessens Reliance On Microsoft Office
Tuesday December 05, 2006 @08:56AM Novell "Forking"
Thursday October 05, 2006 @01:59PM French Government Recommends Standardizing on ODF
Tuesday August 22, 2006 @01:28AM MA To Adopt Short-Term Plug-in Strategy for ODF
Thursday July 13, 2006 @07:03AM What Does the Microsoft ODF Converter Mean?
Friday July 07, 2006 @09:17PM Microsoft's Open XML Project A Short-Term Fix
Friday July 07, 2006 @11:44AM Microsoft to Support ODF via Plug-In
Thursday July 06, 2006 @08:31AM Evolving ODF Environment: Spotlight on SoftMaker
Saturday July 01, 2006 @02:03AM MA Senator Decries OpenDocument Decision
Saturday June 24, 2006 @05:21PM Belgium Chooses OpenDocument
Saturday June 24, 2006 @09:50AM A Set of RFI Responses for Sherlock Holmes
Monday June 19, 2006 @12:07PM Microsoft, Massachusetts, and IT
Saturday May 27, 2006 @12:38AM Microsoft Claims OpenDocument is Too Slow
Wednesday May 24, 2006 @01:43AM Dan Geer's Monoculture Bomb Goes Off
Monday May 22, 2006 @08:27AM KDE Joins ODF Alliance
Thursday May 18, 2006 @02:09AM Shortcomings of OpenOffice and Working Around Them?
Wednesday May 17, 2006 @09:31PM IBM to Adopt ODF for Lotus Notes
Wednesday May 10, 2006 @08:43AM OpenDocument Plans Questioned by Disabled
Monday May 08, 2006 @08:29PM ODF Plugins and a Microsoft Promise of Cooperation
Thursday May 04, 2006 @06:19PM ODF Offers MS Word Plugin to MA
Wednesday May 03, 2006 @02:55PM OpenDocument Voted In By ISO
Thursday April 20, 2006 @12:08AM ODF Alliance Continues to Grow and Build Out
Sunday April 09, 2006 @01:39AM Bruce Perens on the Status of Open Source
Thursday April 06, 2006 @03:06AM MN Bill Would Require Use of Open Data Formats
Wednesday April 05, 2006 @12:33AM A National Archive Moves to ODF
Tuesday March 28, 2006 @03:05PM Microsoft Joins OpenDocument Alliance
Sunday March 05, 2006 @04:23PM ODF Alliance, Who, What, Where (and Why?)
Friday March 03, 2006 @11:41AM OpenDocument Alliance to Fight Digital Dark Age

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