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Tuesday March 31, 2015 @01:02PM Developer of 'Banished' Develops His Own Shading Language
Saturday January 31, 2015 @05:47PM GeForce GTX 980 and 970 Cards From MSI, EVGA, and Zotac Reviewed
Sunday January 25, 2015 @10:40AM Ask Slashdot: GPU of Choice For OpenCL On Linux?
Sunday November 23, 2014 @10:42AM Samsung Files Lawsuit To Block GeForce GPU Shipments In America
Thursday June 05, 2014 @12:10PM Microsoft Confirms Disconnecting Kinect Gives Devs 10% More GPU Horsepower
Tuesday April 15, 2014 @12:28PM PowerVR "Wizard" GPU Is First Mobile Gaming GPU With Hardware Ray Tracing
Sunday January 26, 2014 @11:19PM Microsoft Relaxing Xbox One Kinect Requirements, Giving GPU Power a Boost?
Monday November 18, 2013 @01:38PM NVIDIA Announces Tesla K40 GPU Accelerator and IBM Partnership In Supercomputing
Tuesday November 12, 2013 @01:41PM AMD Confirms Kaveri APU Is a 512-GPU Core Integrated Processor
Thursday October 31, 2013 @03:23PM GPUs Keep Getting Faster, But Your Eyes Can't Tell
Wednesday October 09, 2013 @09:27AM Kickstarter for open source GPU
Wednesday October 09, 2013 @07:25AM Kickstarter: Open Source Graphics Processor
Thursday July 04, 2013 @04:48AM LibreOffice Calc Set To Get GPU Powered Boost From AMD
Wednesday June 26, 2013 @02:18PM AMD Overhauls Open-Source Linux Driver
Thursday May 02, 2013 @02:11PM Open-Source AMD Linux Driver Much Faster Than Open-Source NVIDIA
Thursday April 11, 2013 @09:14AM Open Source Radeon Gallium3D OpenCL Stack Adds Bitcoin Mining
Thursday March 21, 2013 @10:51AM NVIDIA CEO Unveils Volta Graphics, Tegra Roadmap, GRID VCA Virtualized Rendering
Tuesday March 19, 2013 @04:40PM News from Nvidia's GTC: updated Tesla/Tegra roadmaps
Tuesday February 19, 2013 @11:50AM NVIDIA GeForce GTX TITAN Uses 7.1 Billion Transistor GK110 GPU
Saturday January 05, 2013 @06:56PM NVIDIA Releases Fix For Dangerous Display Driver Exploit
Thursday October 18, 2012 @01:08PM Trans-Atlantic 8K/UHDTV Streaming With UltraGrid and Commodity PCs
Monday October 15, 2012 @09:02PM Will EU Regulations Effectively Ban High-End Video Cards?
Monday October 15, 2012 @03:52PM Will EU Regulations Effectively Ban High-End Video Cards?
Saturday August 11, 2012 @08:56PM Rootbeer GPU Compiler Lets Almost Any Java Code Run On the GPU
Wednesday June 20, 2012 @08:37AM NVIDIA Responds To Linus Torvalds
Sunday June 17, 2012 @11:51AM PowerVR To Make Mobile Graphics, GPU Compute a Three-Way Race Again
Thursday June 14, 2012 @10:13AM Intel's Ivy Bridge graphics architechture
Thursday June 14, 2012 @09:18AM HSA Foundation Formed By AMD, ARM, Ti, Imagination, and MediaTek
Tuesday June 12, 2012 @01:55PM HSA Foundation founded by AMD, ARM, Ti, Imagination, and MediaTek
Sunday June 10, 2012 @08:56PM Ask Slashdot: Ambitious Yet Ethical Software Jobs?
Friday May 25, 2012 @08:04AM "Part-Time" Scientists Aim To Build Autonomous Moon Rover
Tuesday May 08, 2012 @01:38PM The wretched state of GPU transcoding
Friday January 20, 2012 @07:13PM Book Review: OpenCL Programming Guide
Saturday December 03, 2011 @12:59PM Ask Slashdot: Parallel Cluster In a Box?
Thursday November 10, 2011 @11:13AM ARM Claims PS3-Like Graphics On Upcoming Mobile GPU
Thursday November 10, 2011 @05:46AM ARM claims PS3-like graphics on mobile GPU
Wednesday November 09, 2011 @10:57AM Open Source Volume Rendering
Tuesday November 08, 2011 @09:07AM Experimental Virtual Graphics Port Support For Linux
Sunday November 06, 2011 @05:48PM GNOME Shell No Longer Requires GPU Acceleration
Thursday June 30, 2011 @12:44AM AMD's new Fusion APU tested against 25 competitors
Friday June 17, 2011 @12:29AM AMD Fusion System Architecture Detailed
Thursday June 16, 2011 @08:17AM Microsoft Demos C++ AMP At AMD Developers Summit
Saturday June 11, 2011 @08:27AM Chinese Tianhe-1A Supercomputer Starts Churning Out the Science
Tuesday June 07, 2011 @02:50AM Cheap GPUs Rendering Strong Passwords Useless
Wednesday June 01, 2011 @02:40AM NVIDIA quad-core graphics demoed on a tablet
Monday May 30, 2011 @02:45AM NVIDIA Announces GeForce GTX 560M and GT 520MX Mobile GPUs
Tuesday May 24, 2011 @06:09PM Cray Unveils Its First GPU Supercomputer
Tuesday May 24, 2011 @09:21AM AMD Releases FirePro V5900 and V7900 Workstation GPUs
Monday May 23, 2011 @02:18PM Cooler AMD APUs Target A/V-streaming Gadgets
Monday May 23, 2011 @01:41PM Matlab Integrates GPU Support For UberMath Computation
Tuesday May 17, 2011 @07:50PM Nvidia launches fastest "parallel processor"
Saturday February 26, 2011 @07:52AM AMD Open Sources Their Linux Video API
Sunday February 13, 2011 @08:31AM Company offers to buy your GPU cycles
Tuesday January 04, 2011 @08:43PM The Care and Feeding of the Android GPU
Tuesday October 12, 2010 @12:42PM Microsoft Patents GPU-Accelerated Video Encoding
Monday September 27, 2010 @12:58PM Malware Running On Graphics Cards
Sunday September 12, 2010 @04:18PM IE9 Team Says "Our GPU Acceleration Is Better Than Yours"
Sunday August 29, 2010 @09:33PM Sorting Algorithm Breaks Giga-Sort Barrier, With GPUs
Saturday August 28, 2010 @11:16AM Google Confirms Chrome GPU Acceleration
Friday July 23, 2010 @12:25PM GPUs Helping To Lower CT Scan Radiation
Thursday July 15, 2010 @02:01PM Why 'Gaming' Chips Are Moving Into the Server Room
Thursday July 15, 2010 @01:10PM Why "Gaming" Chips Are Moving Into the Server Room
Monday July 12, 2010 @12:24PM Nvidia's $200 GTX 460 Ups Bargain Performance
Monday July 12, 2010 @05:36AM Nvidia's GTX 460: Competition Once Again?
Sunday July 11, 2010 @05:30PM Fastest Graphics Ever, Asus ARES Rips Benchmarks
Friday July 02, 2010 @08:59PM IE9 Flaunts Hardware-Accelerated Canvas
Monday June 28, 2010 @06:50AM Intel, NVIDIA Take Shots At CPU vs. GPU Performance
Thursday June 24, 2010 @12:31PM Nintendo 3DS GPU Revealed
Monday March 08, 2010 @12:30PM Game devs only use PhysX for the money, says AMD
Saturday March 06, 2010 @10:45PM NVIDIA GTX 480 Benchmarked, Matches ATI HD 5870
Friday February 19, 2010 @10:20AM Open Source 3D Nvidia Driver Is Ready For Fedora 13
Wednesday December 16, 2009 @07:37PM FASTRA II Puts 13 GPUs In a Desktop Supercomputer
Saturday December 05, 2009 @03:58PM Open Source Attempt To Crack GSM Encryption
Monday November 16, 2009 @02:23PM Nvidia's RealityServer 3.0 Demonstrated
Friday October 02, 2009 @10:53PM Nvidia fakes Fermi boards at GPU Tech Conference
Wednesday September 30, 2009 @04:02PM NVidia Cripples PhysX "Open" API
Saturday August 01, 2009 @05:09PM Generating Fast MD5 Collisions With ATI Video Cards
Tuesday March 10, 2009 @09:25AM AMD RV790 Architecture To Change GPGPU Landscape?
Friday January 16, 2009 @09:35PM AMD Plans 1,000-GPU Supercomputer For Games, Cloud
Thursday January 15, 2009 @11:44AM GPUs Used To Crack WiFi Passwords Faster
Thursday September 25, 2008 @07:18AM Adobe Adds GPU Acceleration To Creative Suite 4
Thursday May 01, 2008 @02:48AM Nvidia's Chief Scientist on the Future of the GPU
Thursday March 29, 2007 @10:10AM Intel Next-Gen CPU Has Memory Controller and GPU
Tuesday November 21, 2006 @07:09AM AMD Fusion To Add To x86 ISA
Friday November 17, 2006 @04:16AM The Outlook On AMD's Fusion Plans
Friday November 10, 2006 @08:46AM GPUs To Power Supercomputing's Next Revolution
Monday August 14, 2006 @05:28PM New 'No Military Use' GPL For GPU
Tuesday May 30, 2006 @08:46AM High performance FFT on GPUs
Sunday April 30, 2006 @03:46PM The First Quad SLI Benchmarks
Tuesday March 21, 2006 @02:29PM NVIDIA Releases new Budget GPUs

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