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+ - California Sex Offenders get Support from the EFF-> 2

Submitted by Bobfrankly1
Bobfrankly1 (1043848) writes "The EFF sued to block portions of the approved Prop 35 today. Prop 35 requires sex offenders (including indecent exposure and non-internet offenses) to provide all of their online aliases to law enforcement. This would include e-mail addresses, screen and user names, and other identifiers used on the internet.
The heart of the matter as the EFF sees it, would be not only the chilling effect it would have on free speech, but also the propensity of these kind of laws to be applied to other (non-sex offending) people as well."

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California Sex Offenders get Support from the EFF

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  • Dear Mr./Mrs. (Westboro?)

    Way to go on the title! Clearly the EFF loves sex-offenders and such laws would never be taken out of context. I hope the title isn't altered before it's posted; it's good for getting attention, and some readers are bound to actually think about the subject beyond it's frame.
    • Thanks. I thought it was fitting to grab for attention outside the scope of the article, as the law (as seen by the example in the article) can eventually expand outside of it's intended scope as well. =D

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