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+ - Smart Neanderthals copied human tools -> 1

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ananyo writes "Fossils and artefacts pulled from the Grotte du Renne cave in central France present anthropologists with a Pleistocene puzzle. Strewn among the remains of prehistoric mammals are the bones of Neanderthals, along with bladelets, bone points and body ornaments belonging to what archaeologists call the Châtelperronian culture. Such complex artifacts are often attributed to modern humans, but a new report suggests that Neanderthals created the objects in imitation of their Homo sapiens neighbors.
The remains and artifacts were found together during excavations between 1949 and 1963, but were thought to be mixed together from different strata -so that artifacts created by modern humans were in Neanderthal layers. But if Neanderthals left the assemblage, as the researchers suggest on the basis of carbon dating, then they were capable of a degree of symbolic behaviour thought to be unique to humans."

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Smart Neanderthals copied human tools

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  • Or it could be that H. s. sapiens and H. s. neanderthalensis were ultimately no more different than what are now termed men of Nordic descent and men of sub-Saharan descent.

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