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Dragonfly BSD 3.2 Released 85

Posted by timothy
from the with-wings-to-fly dept.
An anonymous reader writes "Dragonfly BSD recently announced the release of version 3.2 of their operating system. Improvements include: USB4BSD, a second-generation USB stack; merging of a GSoC project to provide CPU topology awareness to the scheduler, giving a nice boost for hyperthreading Intel CPUs; and last but not least, a new largely rewritten scheduler. Some background is in order for the last one. PostgreSQL 9.3 will move from SysV shared memory to mmap for its shared memory needs. It turned out that the switch much hurts its performance on the BSDs. Matthew Dillon was fast to respond with a search for bottlenecks and got the performance up to par with Linux."
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Dragonfly BSD 3.2 Released

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  • by Anonymous Coward on Sunday November 04, 2012 @01:15AM (#41870319)

    1) hammer is beyond awesome, it's inspired. you owe it to yourself to live with dragonfly for a week or two for this reason alone.
    2) the whole thing is pretty freaking snappy compared to freebsd (which itself is no slowpoke)
    3) hardware support is patchy, you might need to hang onto that old nic/sas/raid card
    4) linux emulation is not supported when running a 64-bit dragonfly system
    5) otherwise, it's just like any other sane BSD.

    my job forces me to run binary only linux crap so 4) rules out a wholesale move to dragonfly, but IMHO it is the BSD of choice for anyone with enough platform independence to seriously consider a BSD in the first place.

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