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DragonFly BSD 2.2 Released 44

Posted by timothy
from the big-essin'-deal dept.
An anonymous reader writes "DragonFly BSD 2.2 is now available. The second release to feature the HAMMER (versioning, among other things) filesystem — now considered production-ready — it includes 'major stability improvements across the board, new drivers, much better pkgsrc support and integration.' Apart from the CD ISO, this release has a DVD ISO with 'a fully operational X environment,' as well as a bootable USB disk-key image."
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DragonFly BSD 2.2 Released

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  • Release Notes (Score:5, Informative)

    by SlashdotOgre (739181) on Wednesday February 18, 2009 @04:56PM (#26907995) Journal

    I was able to get in before it was fully slashdotted (it was crawling when there were only two posts here).

    Here are some US mirrors:
    CA []
    TX []
    VA []

    And some EU ones:
    UK []
    Germany []

    Here's the Release Notes:
    Release Improvements

    * A new DVD ISO release image is now available, in addition to the CD release.
    * The new DVD release has a full X environment ready-to-go and many packages pre-installed.
    * A full pkgsrc tar is now available on the CD/DVD in /usr.
    * Full sources tar now available on the DVD (kernel sources only on the CD), in /usr.
    * The nrelease build now trivializes package selection for people creating customized releases.
    * The installer is now able to create a HAMMER filesystem setup.

    Kernel changes

    * First step towards AMD64 support (done by Jordan Gordeev during the Google Summer of Code 2008).
    * The system control intr_mpsafe is enabled by default.
    * Move /kernel to /boot/kernel and /modules to /boot/modules.
    * Add RFC3542 support (done by Dashu Huang during the Google Summer of Code 2008).
    * Add HW checksum support to the loopback interface, which doubles performance.
    * acpi_cpu(4) update. It's now possible to use higher (lower power usage) C states than C1 in modern (multicore) CPUs.
    * First steps to use network threads without the Big Giant Lock (this feature is considered experimental).
    * Fixed CVE-2008-2476 IPv6 security issue with modified patches from NetBSD.
    * bridge_input works now in parallel.
    * Fix bugs in dealing with low-memory situations when the system has run out of swap or has no swap.
    * Major rewrite of usched_bsd4 and related support logic, plus additional improvements to the LWKT scheduler.
    * Major revamping of the pageout and low-memory handling code.
    * suser_* replaced with priv_* implementation from FreeBSD.

    HAMMER changes

    * HAMMER is now considered production-capable. Many bug fixes and other improvements have been made.
    * It is now possible to boot from a HAMMER-only disk. No need for a single UFS partition for /boot. However, for production systems we still recommend a small UFS /boot followed by swap followed by one large HAMMER partition.
    * Add HAMMER read support to the boot loader.
    * Now uses per-mount kmalloc pools for bulk data structures, particularly for inodes and records.

    Hardware changes

    * Add ACPI support module for IBM/Lenovo Thinkpad laptops (from FreeBSD).
    * Add ACPI support module Asus laptops (from FreeBSD).
    * Add acpi_video(4) - a driver for ACPI video extensions (from FreeBSD).
    * It is possible to power down PCI devices during

  • by Predius (560344) <> on Wednesday February 18, 2009 @04:59PM (#26908057)

    OS X (Which I love as a workstation) isn't doing BSD any favors... they still don't have threading right...

  • by not already in use (972294) on Wednesday February 18, 2009 @05:29PM (#26908657)

    OS X is a kludge.

    Freakin' Word. But it looks pretty.

  • Re:First (Score:1, Informative)

    by Anonymous Coward on Thursday February 19, 2009 @12:12AM (#26912833)

    FreeBSD is practically the same code as 386BSD. DragonflyBSD is practically the same code as FreeBSD.

    Hence DragonflyBSD is the same as 386BSD.

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